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SportsHi is a high school sports network, empowering US-based students to be active and engaged with both sports and their communities. 

Our client, an after-hour rugby coach, noticed the need for high schools students to manage their training and games in a variety of school and amateur leagues. Many of them must travel long distances to show up for the training. Hence he decided to tackle a problem of ineffective organization and management of training and matches and searched for the best software development company to take the challenge and build a multi-platform React mobile application from scratch in a timely manner. 


SportsHi is an outcome of the collaboration between two teams living and working on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The app founders were seated in their New York-based headquarters, while the development team was in Merixstudio’s office in Poznań, Poland.

The work started with a pre-kick-off in-depth consultative analysis of the project (including the design delivered by a client) - thanks to that after a few sessions we were sure that we fully understand both the client’s needs and project’s objectives as well as we have a relevant skill set to address them.

The whole development was split into two phases; firstly, the 12-week MVP that make the application available to the first group of users; secondly, 8-week V2 of the projects that made us implement the remaining functionalities and adjustments. It was a Scrum-driven development with 2-week sprints that served as a framework for incremental delivery of the new features.

When it comes to the main functionalities of this React Native app, it has two main components - Connect and Create. The first one allows users to connect with people they share a team/group with - users can send instant messages and have group conversations with other users. The second component, on the other hand, enables sharing information with a network and create a group or event. What’s more - it distinguishes three types of users: players and coaches. Both have the ability to create three types of groups (team, school, and community) and three types of events (match, practice, and social). 

The product development process showcased a great advantage of React Native as a multi-platform, JavaScript-based technology, as well as Python/Django as a backend technology. With the development of the Django-fuelled backend running smoothly we were sure that this is the most optimal technology for the projects of such nature. The application successfully went live in the summer of 2018.

graphic design

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SportsHi is a high school sports network, empowering students to be active and engaged with sports and their communities.

key features

  • in-app live chat & messaging

    based on WebSockets protocol, enriched to send photos and videos

  • scheduling events

    centralized schedule of games, practices and other events; accessed from the players’ profiles show events from all groups they are part of

  • users’ profiles

    possibility to create profiles by the players displaying pictures and personal details

  • creating & managing events

    each event can be accessed through the schedule on user/group profiles or via the internal search engine includes sending/asking for RSVP, attendance list, and location info based on Google Maps

  • statistics

    statistics of matches and individual users showing up at the event’s page after it’s finished. Stats for games and players include the detailed information on the players and the match result

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