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130+ scoping sessions and workshops turn guesswork into ready-to-implement tech projects.

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IT expert guidance keeping
roadmaps in check

Launching your custom digital solution requires more than preliminary timelines and estimates. Partner with our seasoned tech and product design professionals to validate your initial assumptions and set a comprehensive yet achievable roadmap and budget.

Clarification of resource requirements

Draw on our comprehensive IT experience to refine your project's timeline and cost estimates with precision.

Bespoke roadmap

Use unbiased research methods and analytical tools to craft a well-defined development plan that aligns with your goals.

Value-driven recommendation

Receive innovative yet time- and cost-effective design and development solutions tailored to your business objectives to unleash your digital potential.

Concept validation

Rediscover your project with our IT professionals - validate assumptions, uncover unique opportunities, and identify potential pitfalls.

Test run

See if we are a good fit by testing our product development expertise and value-oriented approach.

Efficient kickoff

Benefit from our well-prepared action plan, ensuring a smooth start to your project.

Understand before building

Our workshops are custom-fit to meet our clients' unique needs, ensuring we grasp all requirements right from the start. Valued by our clients for refining their ideas and by our teams as the most effective kickoff for projects, these sessions establish a unified understanding from day one.

Scoping session

If you are well-versed with your product and need to estimate development costs, consider a scoping session.

This collaborative process aims to align all team members on the project's objectives, functionalities, and the necessary time and effort for successful delivery.


1-2 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

Product discovery & scoping

If you are looking for expert validation of your ideas to ensure your products meet real needs, consider product discovery & scoping.

It saves time and resources by resolving uncertainties early and concentrating on products with true demand.


3-4 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

Logic heavy custom workshop

If you are working on a project with many unknowns, consider custom workshops.

It's structured to address and resolve pressing concerns, ensuring a seamless transition into the development phase.


1-2 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

Multidisciplinary team

At Merixstudio, we combine a team-driven approach with measurable outcomes, becoming the go-to partner for businesses seeking to develop tech advantage.

In our collaborative culture, every client and project is treated with utmost respect, ensuring value and consideration are integral to our partnerships.

Analysis outcomes you can expect

Identify and articulate the specific business issues you aim to resolve, providing a solid foundation for solution development and ensuring all efforts are aligned with addressing these key challenges.

Obtain visual representations of your current data and process flows to pinpoint inefficiencies, streamline operations, and facilitate a more comprehensive understanding among stakeholders.

Clarify your product's functionality, ensuring that every feature is purposeful, aligned with user needs, and feasible within your development constraints.

Secure a team composition that aligns our top talent and their skills specifically to your project's needs, ensuring you have the right expertise to bring your vision to life.

Receive realistic estimates of the time, cost, and resources required to complete your project, enabling effective planning and resource allocation.

Get a tailored plan, prepared to meet the unique demands of your project, taking into account your business context, design expectations, and technological requirements

Bringing the right value

See how scoping has helped our clients improve and move forward faster.

In just two days of workshops, we've done more than we probably did in the last year working on our own. Having the whole team in one room - the architect, the app developers, the UI people, all being able to collaborate at the same time - it really makes a big difference.

Chad Craven, CEO of ParkM

The workshop's made me understand my application better than I have in the past 12 years of using it. Being forced to go through and do story mapping, sketches, and discuss specific workflows was very beneficial. That was a big eye-opener.

Wade, CTO of a US-based insurance agency

What Merixstudio has been capable of is basically to look at what we’re saying and understand not what we’re asking for, but what the idea behind what we’re asking for is.

Alex Sloth, Head of After Sales Services, Farmdroid

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