Product design for performance boost

Create impactful products that meet
the needs of users and businesses alike.

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From requirements to final
vision of your product

At Merixstudio we know the needs of users impact the goals
of the business.

We design products that are useful, enjoyable to use, robust yet easy to develop and maintain, and which align with the business objectives.

Improved user experience

Introduce a range of changes that will make your product
or service more intuitive and easy to use, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Stronger brand recognition

Create a strong and consistent brand identity. This will help
your business be memorable and recognizable to customers.

Increased sales

Create well-designed and functional products which
are more likely to attract customers and drive sales.

Reduced costs

Streamline your processes and optimize experience to lower production cost with effective product design throughout
the product lifecycle.

New emerging technologies

Differentiate from competitors through good design and create products that customers are more likely to choose.

Optimized delivery

Open up new opportunities for growth and innovation with design. It can support market expansion and increased customer engagement, propelling the business forward.

You run a business. We design the experience.

Making the right creative moves - that’s on us. With expert craft we make a vision materialize into pixel-perfect designs, making sure to align on your requirements.



To create solutions that truly help people, we need to understand their needs, motivations, and what they struggle with.

By listening to them carefully, we can identify the gaps between their current experiences and the ideal solutions they desire. This understanding is
the foundation for designing solutions that make
a difference.

user research
user Interviews
needs discovery
Customer journey map


After understanding users' needs and challenges, we clearly define the problem we want to solve.

We gather key insights, create user profiles,
and summarize the problem so it's easy to understand and address. This helps us focus on creating solutions that truly make a difference for users.

data gathering
Customer Insights
target user personas
problem & opportunity


The ideation phase is where the team lets their creativity flow to come up with solutions to the problem.

We brainstorm and clash ideas, we push the boundaries, and explore unconventional approaches. The goal is to gather a variety of potential solutions from which the best ones can be chosen and developed further.

Concept sketches
user flows


Next, we turn our ideas into tangible representations to test them and get feedback from users. 

We create a close representation of the product without jumping into code. We iterate on it to make better design decisions and get the product right before we spend a lot of time and money on development.

interactive prototypes
Hi-fidelity designs
iterative design


The testing phase is where we test our prototypes with users to see how they work and give feedback.

We do this to make sure the product is easy to use and that we've addressed the users' needs. The testing process is iterative, with us continuously testing and refining the product until it's ready.

usability testing
A/b testing
research reports
improvement recommendations

Designs that make
a difference

More than perfect pixels

We take a holistic approach to projects and draw on past experience to constantly push forward in our design process.

We create through a deep understanding of the user and business - the needs and the pain points seen from both sides.

We identify and characterize the target user groups, understand their demographics, behaviors, preferences, and needs for tailored and engaging solutions.

We translate insights into actionable recommendations that address the identified problems and enhance the user experience. We provide clear and concise guidance to stakeholders, outlining specific design challenges and improvements that will drive positive outcomes.

We craft intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and functional web and mobile experiences, ensuring seamless interaction and user satisfaction.

We can establish a visual identity or expand on your existing one. Designs we create align with the overall brand identity, ensuring that all aspects of the product reflect your values for a cohesive and consistent experience across all touch points.

We craft experiences that are not only functional but also engaging, memorable, and enjoyable. Our designs not only satisfy user needs but also exceed expectations, drive engagement and loyalty, and set up a positive brand perception.

We engage and collaborate closely with you and other teams across disciplines to facilitate open communication and knowledge sharing. We always make sure that all stakeholders are aligned on the design vision and objectives.

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