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DevOps is more than a methodology; it's a transformative practice that merges development with operations to enhance digital product quality and delivery speed.

At Merixstudio, this practice is taken to the next level by integrating it with cloud optimization. Our team, featuring roles such as DevOps Competency Lead and DevOps Consultants, consists of certified engineers who automate and refine your workflows, instilling an agile mindset throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Partner with us at Merixstudio for a streamlined DevOps experience, where our six years of automation expertise deliver secure, high-performance software quickly and efficiently. Benefit from 10,000 hours of seasoned development condensed into just 40 hours, with our in-house team providing the tools for swift, reliable infrastructure setup.

Accelerate product delivery

Streamline your release cycle with automation and optimization of resource management. Cut costs and boost efficiency by precisely aligning cloud services with your operational needs.

Maximize resource efficiency

Elevate your infrastructure's performance by updating your technology stack for optimal service availability, leveraging automation, and employing advanced monitoring tools for a seamless user experience.

Scale with confidence

Enhance your system’s agility with dynamic scaling solutions - adjust resource allocation in real-time based on demand to maintain peak performance without excess expenditure.

Minimize costs and risks

Fortify your defenses against cyber threats while safeguarding user data, reducing operational risks and expenses through proactive security measures and strategic infrastructure management.

How we help

Transitioning from an on-premise IT infrastructure to a cloud environment enables businesses to harness the power of scalable resources and innovation. This service not only enhances flexibility but also offers potential cost savings and better disaster recovery options.

Alternatively, cloud-to-cloud migration allows organizations to shift to a different cloud provider (such as AWS, GCP, or Azure) for improved services, better pricing, or enhanced capabilities. Both migrations position a business for a future of dynamic growth, allowing for rapid scaling, global reach, and continuous integration and deployment of services.

A cloud audit is a comprehensive review of the organization's existing cloud architecture. This process identifies security vulnerabilities, ensures compliance with regulations, and verifies that cloud resources are being used optimally.

The outcome includes increased security, better compliance posture, better performance, and
a roadmap for cloud optimization.

Optimizing costs across AWS, GCP, and Azure ensures that clients pay only for the cloud resources they need.

This service involves analyzing usage patterns, right-sizing resources, and employing cost-saving strategies like reserved instances and auto-scaling. The benefits include reduced overhead, maximized ROI on cloud spend, and a leaner cloud footprint.

Elevating the client's team's DevOps capabilities through targeted tool introductions, training sessions, documentation, and consulting leads to more efficient development cycles and a culture of continuous improvement.

The results are faster time-to-market, improved collaboration, and higher-quality software deployments.

Implementing IaC with Terraform or Ansible automates the provisioning and management of infrastructure.

This leads to faster and more consistent environment setups, reduced manual errors, and a more agile response to infrastructure changes required by business needs.

Developing and refining CI/CD pipelines using tools like GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, or Azure DevOps automates the software deployment and testing process.

This enables teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably, improving the release process and accelerating the feedback loop.

Modernizing applications with containers using Docker, Kubernetes, or AWS ECS provides a lightweight, portable, and consistent application environment.

Benefits include easier scalability, more efficient resource use, and the ability to leverage microservices architecture for complex applications.

Updating the technology stack improves the maintainability of infrastructure by keeping software up-to-date and leveraging modern tools and practices.

This ensures better performance, enhanced security, and the ability to integrate with the latest tech innovations.

Introducing new services like MongoDB or Kafka into your infrastructure enhances its capabilities, allowing for improved data management, real-time processing, and better scalability.

This support ensures a smooth transition and integration, enabling you to leverage powerful new functionalities.

Crafting and maintaining a monitoring and alerting stack with tools like AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus, Grafana, and Azure Monitor enables proactive system health and performance management.

This ensures high availability, quick incident response, and a superior user experience by preventing potential issues before they affect end-users.

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