Quality and Information security policy

MERIXSTUDIO sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive support in the creation and development of digital solutions that help achieve our clients' business goals. For more than 25 years, we have been building our brand as a trustworthy technology partner by emphasizing values such as passion, development, cooperation and responsibility. They permeate our activities both in the implementation of projects and in managing the organization or creating good relations within the company.

Our superior goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction and trust by providing the highest quality services and ensuring the development of continuous organizational growth and increased employee satisfaction.

The implementation of this Quality Policy is enhanced by the ISO 9001: 2015 compatible quality management system implemented in the company. Thanks to the rules of the system in force:

  • we identify the customers requirements and reliably and fully complete the work we are commissioned,
  • we survey customer satisfaction and make improvements to raise satisfaction levels,
  • we work with proven and reliable suppliers thus building partnerships with them,
  • we create awareness among staff with regard to their responsibility for services,
  • we are constantly improving the effectiveness of the company's quality management system and operations.

By way of this Quality Policy, the Management Board undertakes to continuously meet the requirements arising from the implemented Quality Management System and declares to continuously improve it.

This Quality Policy has been presented and communicated to all employees and associates of the Company. The relevant document is available to all interested parties. 

Appreciating the key role of information in our business activities, being aware of the importance of information security in the processes we deal with, meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, as well as the requirements of applicable laws, we have implemented and maintain an Information Security Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the PN-EN ISO 27001:2022 standard, which includes in its scope: 

  • any and all information and data of customers, suppliers and other stakeholders,
  • information provided by third parties that is necessary for the performance of services provided by MERIXSTUDIO sp. z o.o. or the performance of the contracts entered into, 
  • information, including the Company's internal documentation, 
  • any and all processes implemented in the course of business. 

By way of this Information Security Policy, the Management Board declares that the implemented Information Security Management System will be subject to continuous monitoring and improvement in accordance with applicable requirements. 

The Management Board of MERIXSTUDIO sp. z o.o. declares in particular:

  • to maintain compliance with applicable laws and internal regulations in the area of information security, especially information provided by customers in the course of services;
  • to maintain continuity and efficiency of business processes;
  • to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of processed information and data;
  • to make continuous efforts in order to minimize the risk of data loss, equipment theft and hacking of the IT systems;
  • to minimize any adverse impact of security breaches;
  • to maintain the Company's good image by ensuring the security of all information in the possession of the Organization.

This Information Security Policy has been presented and communicated to all employees and associates of the Company. The relevant document is available to all interested parties.