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Effective strategies for accelerating the digital journey

The challenging market conditions require companies to improve the quality of their operations and services, as old processes and solutions may no longer be effective. Businesses need to determine how to maintain their revenue and ensure consistent growth rather than falling behind. The answer lies in digitalization.

At Merixstudio, we digitalize companies, enabling scaling and innovation in operations. By gathering insights into their current processes, challenges, and aspirations, we identify high-ROI opportunities and offer solutions to boost business performance.

Partner with us and transform your business through digital innovation.

Reduce costs

Automate manual processes and minimize errors.

Enhance employee satisfaction

Simplify and modernize complex workflow processes.

Maximize efficiency

Streamline workflows and eliminate redundant tasks.

Boost productivity

Enable employees to focus on high-value tasks.

Scale operations

Adopt digital tools that support growth without significant cost increases.

Gain a competitive edge

Accelerate time-to-market for new products or services.

Strategies for digitalizing business processes

Transforming your business through digitalization, we apply a diverse array of digital strategies. eds, ensuring a seamless and effective digital transition.

Employing interview calls or workshops, we examine your business's current operations to identify areas that will benefit from digitalization precisely.

After our assessment meeting, we will provide a teaser of tailored digital solutions, highlighting the improvements and efficiencies digitalization can offer your business operations. This will be accompanied by a general offer detailing our range of digitalization services and how they can be applied to your business strategy.

Employing the Business/Lean Model Canvas and Architecture Analysis, we gain a thorough understanding of your business's operations and technological infrastructure, identifying improvement areas. Through Value Proposition development and Stakeholder Mapping, we clarify your market positioning and understand the roles and influences within your organization, essential for strategic planning.

Utilizing the Balanced Scorecard and establishing SMART Goals, we align organizational activities with strategic vision and set clear, measurable objectives for future growth.

Through discussing the value proposition and business context, we ensure that digitalization efforts are closely aligned with your core objectives and market positioning.

Utilizing tools like the Business Model Canvas and Business Process Mapping, we assess your current model and processes to identify digital enhancement opportunities.

By collaborative techniques such as Event Storming and Story Mapping for MVP, we understand complex domains and prioritize features, aiming to deliver value efficiently with a focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product.

Business process digitalization at a glance

Focused on streamlining your business operations, we apply our tested methodology and advanced solutions, customizing each step to meet your specific operational challenges and objectives.

Introductory Session

What we do
Learn about change motivations
Discuss general business goals
Conduct a comprehensive digitalization assessment
Clarity on project scope and objectives
Insight for effective planning and execution
A comprehensive understanding of our approach in guiding your digitalization strategy

Interviews & Workshops

What we do
Analyze the current state (As-Is process mapping) and business context
Identify stakeholders and their requirements
Analyze the architecture (existing technological infrastructure and applications)
Identify organizational goals using the Balanced Scorecard's four perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes, development and learning
A clear understanding of the current business state
Defined digitalization goals aligned with the company vision
A detailed action plan with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each identified goal

Digitalization Kickoff

What we do
Explore and solidify your product or service idea, clarifying goals and resolving unknowns
Conduct a thorough discovery process to pinpoint core functionalities
Define the scope of work for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and establish a timeline, ensuring we align with your strategic milestones and budgetary requirementse
A developed MVP plan for the first phase of the project
An estimation of costs and required resources for the first phase of the project
A detailed roadmap for the first phase of the project

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