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Playism is a distribution platform for indie games operated by Active Gaming Media. It gives independent developers the opportunity to transcend borders and release their own works to Japan and enhance their presence in the global gaming market. Playism supports game developers with services such as localization, debugging, marketing and publishing.

Key challenges for Merixstudio were:

  • redesigning the platform to make it more user-friendly and modern-looking in order to help the client attract users and increase revenue,
  • migrating data from the old system in a smooth and downtime-free way,
  • management of the project with an 8-hour time zone difference.


The scope of work involved design & development of high-profile, database-driven multilingual, responsive web shop application. The first priority for Merixstudio was to create a functional and fresh-looking design that reflects a look and feel of the gaming business and helps the client to increase user retention. After a series of iterations and feedback sessions with the client, we were ready to reach the second milestone, namely design implementation and rebranding the whole platform. During this phase one of the challenges was data migration from the old system (including user accounts and products).

Except for the redesign, during over a 7-month collaboration, we deployed various web app features such as message boards, custom game recommendation mechanism, game reviews, user-generated games lists, bespoke promotional campaigns, dedicated contribution mechanism.

The platform is hosted on scalable Amazon deployment space - AWS Elastic Beanstalk, fully utilizing its scalability features. Due to multiple languages available and varied target groups, the platform was integrated with more than one payment gateway i.e. Paypal, WebMonkey, Bitcash.

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key features

  • marketplace

    allowing developers to put their games up for sale via admin panel that automates the process. End-users can easily buy it thanks to integrated 3rd party payments such as Paypal, WebMonkey, Bitcash

  • game recommendation

    game recommendation mechanism based on the algorithm that automatically selects games basing on such criteria as the game’s category, the game’s developer, price or the number of reviews

  • promotional campaigns

    managing coupon-based promotional campaigns fully configurable by administrators

  • advances statistics

    an extensive statistics’ system that allows tracking information about products’ sales rates as well as filtering data in various ways

  • message boards

    game-dedicated boards with a discussion module

  • game reviews

    moderated review system for games including text fields for comments and star-based grades

  • dedicated contribution mechanism

    allowing registered game developers to contribute and publish their own game within a platform

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