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a well-known Polish daily deals & vouchers aggregator

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GoDealla is a Merixstudio-established B2C start-up that we have developed and marketed since 2010. GoDealla is a leading Polish daily deals and coupons aggregation & search service empowering both users to purchase goods at a bargain price and GoDeala’s affiliate partners to gain new distribution channel and promote their brand.

The key project challenges were:

  • developing a strong product concept (discount vouchers marketplace) that makes it stand out (by having UX as a competitive advantage) as well as bring revenue,
  • building a stable API to collect the data coming from numerous sources (each affiliate network has its own standards and different looking product feeds),
  • contract negotiations with deal providers (such as Groupon).


The aggregator is integrated with live product feeds coming from 30+ deal providers via APIs (either directly via deal providers like Groupon who make direct deals with restaurants, hotels etc. or via standardized live product feeds supplied by Affiliate Networks). The business model was applied after 9 months from the launch as we wanted to build traction and brand awareness in the first step. The business model is based in CPS and CPC (cost per sale/click) - whenever the user buys the deal we recognize it by a cookie session/ID and attribute a relevant percentage of commission.

Except the tech challenges (concerning building stable API, performance optimisation, scaling up the platform), the project involved many interesting business and marketing ones. One of them was SEO optimization (with smart SEM techniques we managed to get traction and build organic traffic. We created “Gdziepromocja” magazine targeted at smart shoppers with attractive content and articles. Single article generates for us up to 6k sessions a day). Also, when we started the project there were 2 other competitors, therefore we had to create a strong and outstanding brand identity. That’s why we created a brand hero evoking associations with Godzilla the monster.

GoDealla, as a top-notch web application invented and developed by agile software developers from Poland, has been mentioned in numerous leading Polish media, including Newsweek, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita, TV Biznes, Onet, Wirtualna Polska, TVN and many more. Thanks to well thought out keyword and SEO strategy GoDealla is highly visible (number 1) in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Popular computing and technology magazine - PC Format - awarded GoDealla as best quality aggregation service in Poland.

user interface



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key features

  • product feed

    collecting and displaying thousands of coupons coming from hundreds of sources from all over Poland (we had to ensure that the process of adding vouchers is standardized and stable. Coupons are delivered to our database through XML and/or JSON live product feeds. Every day we add far more than 600 new coupons)

  • affiliate network

    providing flexible deals API and bringing coupons network to life (GoDealla™ Network). Publishers with high traffic websites can join and earn money through the CPS model. The affiliate network is powered by HasOffers API, a popular performance marketing software

  • google maps

    every new collected voucher is delivered together with its geographical coordinates so that deals are automatically displayed on the Google map. Finding deals via Map interface is especially convenient when it comes to travel and tourist offers. Travel discounts are also categorized by destination and length of stay (weekend escapes for example)

  • search engine

    an advanced search engine for filtering and searching offers. Originally build in Solr, then replaced with Elasticsearch

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