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If you’re passionate about an idea, give it a try: interview with Noorullah Akbari (Rosalyn)

How can an accelerator help a startup flourish? Is it worth giving up a steady well-paid job to become a founder? What makes a killer pitch deck? As an early-stage startupper, you've most likely asked yourself these – and more – questions. Today, we come with answers from an experienced individual who may teach you some invaluable lessons about launching a successful venture: Noor Akbari, the founder and CEO of Rosalyn.

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About to launch a startup? Learn how to make your journey safer and less bumpy!
About to launch a startup?
Check out the State of Early-Stage Startups 2021 report! We hope that drawing on the insights shared by the more seasoned colleagues will help you, the early-stage founder, make your entrepreneurial journey safer and less bumpy. READ REPORT

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