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a non-profit community platform supporting humanity's missions

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problems to solve

Our Danish client looked for a way to connect individuals, groups, and ideas from around the world into a community of communities. Hence he came up with Humanitrack - a crowd-base project management and guidance tool for numerous humanity's problems and missions. The platform organizes and validates innovation news to identify new opportunities. Humanitrack doubles as a guide for where to invest our collective time, money, natural resources, ideas, education, and dreams.

The key challenges were:

  • designing and incorporating gamification elements to encourage users to return and keep them engaged on the Humanitrack website, 
  • building an MVP with understanding the project’s financial limitations and suggesting ways to reduce costs while keeping technical and product debts low,
  • creating a solid concept of gathering all necessary information about each humanity goal’s progress and presenting it in a simple and user-friendly manner.


Humanitrack is a platform for uniting communities to collaborate with the world, to formulate a plan and to push progress. Humanitrack is a progress tracking tool and accelerator for an unlimited number of long-term humankind goals, for example, all of the UN's Global Goals such as radicating thirst and hunger, extending lifespan, increasing quality of life, greatly reducing the cost of green energy or stabilizing the climate.

Merixstudio was initially occupied with developing an MVP for a platform yet our role has later evolved into developing a polished early beta version. A priority for the client was to build a working MVP of the platform on a budget without sacrificing any of the necessary features. The MVP needed to be exceptional as the platform and community around would define the client’s company as well would serve as a foundation for testing the core user base. Merixstudio was also responsible for designing the UI (using Material-UI) as well as the DevOps operations.

The team headcount in the peak time was 8 - it consisted of a project manager, QA specialist,  three frontend developers, a Python developer, a DevOps engineer as well as a UI and a UX lead. We followed SCRUM-driven development.

One of the most significant milestones to achieve was designing the highly-engaging platform’s mechanics and finding ways to encourage users to return and keep them engaged on the website. To take advantages of our possibilities and work out the best possible solutions, we decided to run an open user-centred design thinking workshop as a part of the World Usability Day Poznań 2018.  We selected 14 UX-enthusiasts as well as invited Humanitract‘s founders to collaborate during an intensive day-long workshop session. See the full coverage.

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key features

  • newsfeed

    a news feed for each quest and subquest displaying last news related to a topic. Each newsfeed is managed by editor or editors assigned to a quest or subquest

  • donations

    monthly or on demand PayPal donations

  • forum

    users can share their ideas on how to improve Humanitrack platform. Space where they share ideas related to achieving particular goals

  • gamification system

    deeply engaging and entertaining gamification system which facilitates helping the humankind

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