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Hospitality & Wellness Mobile App

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a React Native app for enriching wellness experience

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Tourism & accommodation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The increasing demand for unforgettable experiences results in solutions that allow users to gain better access to attractions and activities offered by the providers. That’s why one of our UK-based clients came to us with a plan to develop a modern, UX-friendly mobile app for luxurious Spa enthusiasts, looking for relaxation at one of the best resorts in England. 

The specifics of such a modern product came with the following issues to solve:

  • choosing the appropriate tech stack for front-end and back-end development,
  • enabling a comfortable and intuitive booking of many services like massages, facials as well as rooms and other attractions via mobile app,
  • anticipating the modern standards of the wellness experience.


The project has been preceded with a remote scoping session, during which the client introduced our full-stack team (frontend, backend, quality assurance, project management) to the requirements, graphical assets, timelines, and roles.  Rough deadline stimulated both teams to introduce the best agile practices, and maintain constant communication using Slack, Jira, and Google Hangouts. With several dependencies, every team member was highly involved to overcome technological challenges and the effectiveness has been secured by an experienced project manager.

Due to tight deadlines, Merixstudio software development team has been urged to provide a very detailed estimation to confirm the ability of on-time delivery. Both parties agreed that this particular endeavor requires a higher team capacity than recommended for projects of this size. 

Merixstudio has integrated three 3rd party APIs during the process, performed Behaviour Driven Development, and series of API tests. The designs have been delivered by our partner, although dedicated User Experience designer supervised the user flows and supported the engineering team evaluating each view, feature and user flow.

A combination of the tourism industry expertise and most modern engineering delivered a future-proof mobile app for streamlining the process of booking deluxe services of UK-based resort.

Product design



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key features

  • online reservations

    An online reservation system enables clients to check availability of resort’s facilities including hotel rooms and spa, and book them online

  • push notifications

    thanks to rich push notifications, special offers and important news are delivered straight to the client’s mobile telephone, what helps boost the resort's digital marketing strategy

  • chat to service

    an app offers the full front desk experience allowing to easily communicate with the main hotel facilities

  • integration with Stripe

    by harnessing Stripe - one of the best payment platforms worldwide - the resort is able to accept and process payments online, thus scale faster and more efficiently

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