Digitalizing fleet incident management

Problems to solve

Autium is a UK-based tech startup that provides high-quality fleet management software to corporate entities worldwide. Their key product is a SaaS platform, consisting of a web panel and cross-platform app, designed to help vehicle fleet managers process insurance claims quickly and accurately. It also helps drivers report to managers the details of the accidents, thanks to the app installed on their mobile phones. The client’s vision is to be the leading automated incident management and notification technology solution.

Prior to the cooperation with Merixstudio, Autium founders had problems with building performant and scalable MVP with other developers, thus they looked for a trustworthy and competent tech partner who could: 

  • understand their product and start a project from scratch, ASAP,
  • develop a web-based software solution and a mobile app to establish an MVP quickly so that Autium founders could start looking for more investors and take the project to the next stage,
  • take care of the full product design process,
  • provide Autium clients with real-time analytics, advanced stats and structured data,
  • develop the product after the launch.

As the project’s budget and deadline were tight, we had to look for an optimal technology mix to deliver the best product in the shortest possible time.



months of continuous work on the project


easy steps to report car accident


web & mobile design screens


team members



Django REST Framework


UX design
UI design
Product Design Workshops
Axure prototyping/wireframing


CSS Preprocessors (SCSS)




Manual Testing


React Native

Our approach was to create the MVP of the solution to get the product to pilot customers and let the client raise more funding to enhance the functionality of the solution further.

Functionalities and priorities were discussed with the client and multidisciplinary team during the two-day in-house Product Design Workshops. This helped us confirm product requirements and compose a cross-functional team adjusted to project needs, consisting of Agile Project Manager, two Product Designers, two Backend Engineers, Frontend and Mobile Engineers, and Quality Assurance Specialist.

Thanks to the outcome of the workshop, we were able to proceed smoothly with the wire-framing and graphic design phase during which we were in close cooperation with a development team so that we design tech-viable and effective solutions.

Some of the first visuals were also used in talks with investors, which enabled the client to secure funding for the MVP.

On the basis of a prior product design process, we crafted and launched a React Native based iOS and Android mobile application + web-based application on the Python Django framework.

These are powerful software solutions for fleet operators, providing digitally automated systems for the management of vehicle compliance, drivers and incidents. They help business move away from spreadsheets and multiple systems, to work on a web-based platform and provide drivers with access to a mobile app for remote, life reporting.

To deliver the best results, we were inspired by Agile development and followed selected Scrum ceremonies fine-tuning their frequencies to the changing environment, team size and client’s needs. To guarantee full transparency of our processes, we communicated regularly using selected channels such as e-mail, Slack, and Hangouts, and other modern software solutions. The whole development workflow was individual and adjustable to the current project’s needs. 

Key features

Fast reporting

a mobile app allowing drivers to quickly and easily report all necessary details of the accident, including pictures and GPS location

Quick claim documents generation

via this admin panel, they are also able to generate claim documents, which can be sent to insurance companies. This speed up the whole process of handling claims and keeping an eye on their statuses

Real time data and analytics

fleet managers can see basic accident statistics which gives them a better overview of the car fleet; they are also able to measure defects data to spot trends, frequency and predict future cap-ex.

Defects workflow

electronic walk around check form, that is DVSA compliant, with instant reporting of data and defects to fleet managers and production of a live defects workflow

Live vehicle and driver databases

a clear, central database of all of vehicles, allowing for frictionless management of fleet, and database for the management of driver records, training, inspections and overall history at the company

Functional panel

web admin panel for fleet managers, allowing them to manage cars fleet, employed drivers, incident reports and daily vehicle checks all in one place

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