Merixstudio on the top of Clutch’s ranking

We’ve already been recognised as a Top Web Development Agency in the World and named as a Polish Top Web & Software Developers. But, the appetite grows with what it feeds on. So that with another happy Client we are also taking care of our profile on

As a result, we landed on the top in other categories such as leading Custom Software Development Companies and best Python & Django Developers in the world.

Top Custom Software Development Companies

Hard work always pays off! We care about the quality of every software project we're working on and always trying to meet Clients' needs. Our work has resulted in a mention in the Global Press Release created by that appeared at the end of 2017. This was a great summary of the year that showed web and software Global Leaders 2017.

How does it work? let companies fill the well-designed information about themselves so that potential Client can learn about the company. Then the firms are categorised, and their Clients are interviewed for the reviews.

Clutch use their own Leaders Matrix Methodology which is a 2x2 matrix where companies are mapped based on their areas of focus and their proven ability to deliver. 


The reason why you should trust is in their honest and professional approach. They talk personally with every Client that wants to submit a review. The only thing that you have to pay special attention is whether the very first company is a sponsored profile or not. They are rated and appear higher than the free-account ones (but this can be disabled easily - just look at the Leaders Matrix). do a great job establishing contact with both Clients and companies to make sure users get valid information.

What is for?

The platform is a perfect place to find top companies that deliver best products and services. The site is a big base of information, research data and reviews provided by hundreds of more or less happy Clients. If you need to find and hire best software developers, just go to and check out the specific category.

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