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Dec. 3, 2018

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Learning web development and other fun things - summary of November

Aleksandra Przybylska

A lot of things happened during November at our software house. First of all, we've organized the third edition of Dev College Combo, which we're happy to announce is gaining popularity with each event! But that was not the only time people were able to visit our office, about what you can read more below. Apart from working hard on great web development, we've also found some time to celebrate a variety of holidays and... dazzle everyone on the national television. I think this introduction is more than enough to invite you to read more. ;)

Dev College Combo #3

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A post shared by Merixstudio (@merixstudio) on Nov 30, 2018 at 8:11am PST

A lot can be said about Dev College Combo. Actually, a lot has been said about it in the summary that was posted on our blog last week. If you attended our event,  you know that it was a mixture of learning web development (hence the title of this summary!) and simply meeting other people from the IT industry.

As usual, we've had two whole-day workshops - this time we've talked about JavaScript and React (one of the workshops was dedicated to comparison of Hapi, Koa and Express frameworks) and Django Trench (our brand new open-source solution for multi-factor authentication). During presentations, we've touched on such subjects as WebDriverIOReact and ReduxElascticsearch, and much more.

You can read more about it in the summary I mentioned at the beginning, but what I want to emphasise here is the fact that we were extremely happy to see so many familiar faces during the event - you guys are becoming a crucial part of every Dev College Combo!

For those already waiting for the fourth edition, remember about following our social media profiles - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Also, if you're not already there, Dev College Combo has a Facebook group now, where you can discuss web development news, ask for help with specific problems, or exchange knowledge. Feel free to join us!

Black Friday means... national broadcasting!

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A post shared by Merixstudio (@merixstudio) on Nov 23, 2018 at 6:24am PST

You're probably familiar with our Godealla startup, the leading discount search service in Poland. The Godealla team probably knows more than anyone about the good deals you can find online, which they post on their website and blog. That's why Black Friday is one of the busiest time of the year for them. However, this year (similar to the year prior) Marta was nowhere to be found in the office!

But if you know her, then you know that she's not one to ditch her teammates during such a hectic day. Marta was simply busy with shining on the national television - she took part in the discussion about online shopping during the taping of Pytanie na Śniadanie, one of the leading morning shows in Poland! Obviously, not only she did more than a good job, but she also had time to write an article for Gdzie Promocja blog while travelling to Warsaw. Talk about being dedicated to sharing the good news of great online deals!

Also, little bird told us that if you're interested in what Marta has to say about online Christmas shopping, tomorrow after 8am (Polish time) you better watch Dzień Dobry TVN. You won't be disappointed!

Saint Andrew, tell us our future

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The night between 29th and 30th of November in Poland means Andrzejki (Saint Andrew's Day), during which many Poles try their hand at a little bit of magic and finding out what lies in their future. Since we usually prefer being in the office during the day and don't want to play with wax (which is a popular type of fortune telling during this holiday), we've decided to seek the truth through fortune cookies. We're happy to announce that everyone needs to prepare for success - either the cookies manufacturer didn't want to include any bad things in their product or we're the luckiest bunch there is. I chose to believe the latter! 

To celebrate our city, we're going to... eat caloric treats!

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I talked about Andrzejki, but in Poznań, there's another November holiday that's much more popular. Obviously, I'm talking about St. Martin's Day, the celebration of our city's patron! Also, November 11th is the National Independence Day in Poland, so we've have a lot to celebrate about. The tradition in Poznań is to eat rogale świętomarcińskie (St. Martin croissants), one of the tastiest (and the most caloric) sweet treats you can find. As true Poznanians, we couldn't omit such an important holiday - what a great way of showing appreciation to our culture and history! ;)

Wanna play a game? Of course, you do! 

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A post shared by Merixstudio (@merixstudio) on Nov 23, 2018 at 4:57am PST

Dev College Combo was not the only time we've opened the door of our software house to eager students. A week before Dev College our UX and Service Designer Maria had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on gamification as part of World Usability Day Poznań event, which is dedicated to ensuring that the services and products substantial to our lives are easy to access and use. During the workshop, Maria divided participants into two groups: Superheroes and Free Spirits. The first team used gamification and based their work on the concept of superheroes, while the second one could choose their own theme. Sound both fun and instructive, right? If you want to learn more about it, check out the summary Patrycja wrote on our blog!

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