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Nov. 30, 2018

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The third edition of Dev College Combo by Merixstudio

Anita Soczka

On 24 November 2018, in our office in Poznan, we organised another edition of the event branded by Merixstudio. It was the third time when we met during Dev College Combo - a combination of practical workshops and technical talks. Once again software-related topics took over the day.

What makes me extremely happy was the fact that a lot of people wanted to join our event. Sadly, when it comes to workshops, there is a limited place and each time we have no choice and have to choose a specific group. The reason is we want you to feel comfortable during working on an application. But we offer something for everyone, and I hope you also find something for you among talks.

How was it this time?


Workshop and talks at Dev College Combo #3

Let’s start with the practical part. WORKSHOPS!

As always, we had prepared two paths to choose - frontend and backend one. Speaking about the first one, Marcin and Dominik led a workshop about modern and top-notch Javascript frameworks. The participants were comparing Hapi, Koa and Express. They were creating three web application using these frameworks to learn about the differences. The result was tapped into React application.

Backend workshop was based on new, built by us solution called Django Trench. Django-trench provides a set of REST API endpoints to supplement django-rest-framework with multi-factor authentication. It supports both standard built-in authentication methods and JWT (JSON Web Token). It follows the url pattern developed in the Djoser library and may act as its supplement. By creating it, we deliver a couple of sample secondary authentication methods including sending OTP based code by email, SMS/text as well as through 3rd party mobile apps.


During the workshop, Bartek and Janek were talking about authentication methods. With their combined forces, participants created an application that uses django-trench and wrote DRF plugin.

We want to have you all at the workshops, but it’s impossible. Hope, because of various talks we prepared for you, it’s not a big problem. This time there were seven presentations to be at. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about testing tools like WebDriverIO, testing REST API, a combination of React and Redux, JavaScript and its less well-known functionalities, remote work or Elascticsearch

The lectures took place in one of our best rooms - the one we called Bułgarska. The room is very comfortable, inspires creativity and does an excellent job of presenting the atmosphere of Merixstudio.

Software development is not everything - party time!

Of course, we couldn’t miss the networking part that is a real fiesta when it comes to Merixstudio. At first, we fed the hunger of knowledge and we satisfied stomaches of our guest. Pizza, sweets, beer and talking with open-minded people - this is what we like the best!


On behalf of all Merix folks, I want to say big thanks to all you who came to meet us and to take and advantages of Dev College Combo.

For sure, we will organise another edition of Dev College Combo in the future. So, stay tuned! Follow our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Meetup to get fresh news about Merixstudio and our events.

We also created a Facebook group that we’re happy to put in your hands. It should be a great place to exchange knowledge and look for solutions for problems you face. Everybody’s welcome!

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