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April 3, 2019

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Busy software house is a happy software house - summary of March

Aleksandra Przybylska

March came and chased the winter away! And with spring fast approaching also came the burst of energy for everyone at our software house - this month Merixstudio had plenty do to. Starting with events, celebrations, exciting new projects, as well as 10 new people joining our fight for best development, we for sure didn't have time to get bored.

Let's hack the system!

Let’s start this summary with the story of one of the biggest endeavors our software house engaged in during March. I'm talking about our internal hackathon, during which we were developing new features for Chamberlain, the IoT-based system for room booking we've made! 

Armed with tech-stack containing Django, PHP, Node.JS, React, Redux, and JavaScript (as well as our heads filled with ideas), on March 15th after work we stayed in the office and got to even more work. We were brainstorming, programming, soldering, (drinking beer, eating pizza...) and doing everything we could to make our booking system even more suited to our needs. And soon those needs will be greater than ever, which I will describe in detail further in the article. And if you're wondering what exactly we did during our hackathon, check out my summary, where I explained in detail the development of new features.

New office space, new people to work in it

Speaking of said needs for the advancement of our booking system, as you might've heard, we're expanding our office! Soon our software house will occupy the additional 850 square meters of new office space, so we need not only Chamberlain 2.0 but also people to fill this extra space! 

With that need in mind, ten people (six shown on the picture) joined our software house since March 1st. We have new Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Content Specialists, Business Developers, QA Specialists, Growth Hackers, UI Designers - you name it, there's someone new in every department! And since we're nowhere near stopping our evolution, soon we will reach the magical number of hundred employees! If you want to join us, check out our career page - there's plenty of IT job offers waiting for you there!

Is our software house hiring a celebrity?

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Today our whole office had a workshop on how to keep your spirit high and stay #positive throught the day. ✌️Our coach was none other than a highly energetic, kind-hearted Shakira! But not @shakira the singer🎤 - we were taught by @shakira_little_dog 🐕! She showed us that all you need from life is one neon-yellow ball - with it, everything is making sense.💛 @okamina20, thanks for bringing such an excellent mentor to our office!👍 . . . #dogs #officedog #dog #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #officelife #fun #lovemyjob #webdevelopment #softwarehouse #happy #webdeveloper #office #officelife #happy #webdev #programming #programmer #developer #websitedesign #programmerslife:computer: #programmerslife #coding #poznan #poland #merixstudio #ITindustry

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After talking about such an important thing as the development of our software house, let's talk about... something as important, in my honest opinion! This month Merixstudio was visited by non-other than the energetic entertainer, Shakira. The Shakira that came by our office, however, resembled the Shakira we know from MTV only a little bit - both are light-haired, seem fun to be around, and have a friendly facial expression. There's only one thing  - the one we got to know is a dog that our QA Specialist Olga brought to work!

So, as you can imagine, once again for one day our office turned into a doggy playground. Instead of working on software development, we were playing catch. When we were supposed to focus on work, we wanted nothing else but to run around with our furry visitor. But can you blame us? Just look at this adorable face - this Shakira is definitely our favorite one!

Who run the world? GIRLS!

In the United States, the United Kingdon, and Australia March is known as International Women's Month. All over the world, this time of the year is associated with International Women's Day, which happens on March 8th. Of course, we couldn't forget about this holiday - after all, 24 women are working at our software house!

From female developers, testers, designers, project managers, PR managers, HR managers, content managers, account managers, to heads of departments (hope I didn't forget about anyone!), you can find women in every team at Merixstudio. And all those ladies work hard and deserve recognition for their work! That's why as a Women's day gift this year together we went out to the spa -after all, hanging out in fluffy robes and getting pampered is quite a treat for such busy people. But that's not all when it comes to treating ourselves...

With our bodies treated, we also wanted to take care of our minds! That's why, under a watchful eye of Maria, our personal yoga teacher (as well as excellent UX Designer), some of the ladies went out for a session of relaxing exercise. As you can see in the photo from the evening, the ladies that attended it were more than happy with their lesson - is there a better recommendation for Maria's abilities? I suspect that soon she will have even more students to teach! ;)

Similar, but better - launching py_tej event for the Python community

Now let's talk about the events we organized in March! Let's start with py_tej,  is the new and improved version of Django Hotspot. This series of meetups is an initiative that gathers the Django/Python community to learn and chat about their experience in backend development.  

The rebranding of this event and broadening the conversation from Django to Python seems to be met with quite an enthusiasm - around a hundred of you attended it! During this edition, we learned more about network traffic analysis with scapy, cloud computing, and two-factor authentication. If you would like to give a presentation, let us know - we're more than happy to work together!

The best students learn to programme on Saturdays 

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If you’ve ever attended #DevCollege, then you know that Saturday is the best day of you want to #learntocode! 💻 That’s why last week once again we opened the door to our office for two groups interested in learning #backenddevelopment - #Docker and #Pythonapp. Then, after a whole day of learning, everyone networked with pizza and some drinks.🍻🍕 And even if the event happened only 5 days ago, we can’t wait for the next one! 😊 . . . #workshop #programmingworkshops #qa #frontenddevelopment #devcollegecombo #levelup #learning #saturday #webdeveloper #office #officelife #happy #webdev #programming #programmer #developer #websitedesign #programmerslife:computer: #programmerslife #coding #poznan #poland #merixstudio #ITindustry

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Last, but not least, once again we opened the doors of our office to people wanting to learn something from our experienced developers during the next edition of Dev College. On the last Saturday of the month, two groups spent their time learning instead of having a weekend lie-in-  one about Docker, Docker-Compose, and Docker-Swarm, the other about the development of a desktop app in Python.

Our backend teachers, Basia, Jan, Mateusz, Piotr, and Mikołaj, did their best to share their knowledge with everyone attending and, judging by the conversations during the networking session, they succeeded! After all, pizza and beer can only do so much - this happiness must've been caused by newly acquired skills! ;) 


And that would be all for this action-packed, busy month of March! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn (whatever you fancy) to be up-to-date with our ventures, events, and more - see you at the end of April!

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