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# facility management

smart employee scheduling & AI-chatbot

RxJS 6
Microsoft Azure Cloud


sprints until an MVP release


front-end devs on Merixstudio’s side


back-end developers on the Clients’ side

+/- 90%

less time spent on scheduling thanks to the app

problems to solve

Sheepblue is an Austria based company focusing on automated SaaS-driven employee scheduling, driven by Artificial Intelligence. The software brings value to companies in the Retail Sales, Transportation, Healthcare and Service industries by freeing the responsible managers from cumbersome manual planning work and avoiding social conflicts (like unfair scheduling, mobbing, etc.) because AI managing the schedule.

The Client reached out to Merixstudio with a need for an experienced agile software team that could serve as a supportive team extension and take ownership of the front-end development in order to increase the velocity of their internal team. The key challenge for Merixstudio was to smoothly and quickly align themselves with the existing team and codebase and meet a strict deadline for the MVP release.


The whole collaboration was based on a partnership between two teams: the experienced front-end development team seated in Poznan, Poland and the back-end seated in Vienna, along with the core management team. Merixstudio’s team was in charge of the whole front-end development of the application covering the implementation of the key features (such as managing shift boards, creating and calculating shifts, displaying resources overviews) as well as of providing consultative tech advice and UX improvements. This was fully remote cooperation put in the framework of a Scrum-driven development.

graphic design

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key features

  • automated duty planning

    smart generation of the optimal schedule for all participants by taking the individual preferences and company needs into account. Intelligent algorithms minimize overtime and maximize employee satisfaction

  • shift exchange

    allow employees to trade a shift by connecting them directly only with the candidates who are most suitable for the barter. The exchange of shifts and communication are fully automatic

  • chatbot communication

    a self-learning Chatbot interacts directly with the user in natural language and continuously receives the needs of the employees and sends rosters directly to the employees' cell phones

  • dashboard

    allowing responsible managers to enter and overview personnel requirements via an intuitive interface

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