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Netvico is a Stuttgart-based, boutique digital agency delivering top-notch solutions for all kind of industries and branches. Their portfolio includes highly tailored work for such recognizable clients like Volvo, IBM, Adidas, Porsche, Schwerin, and DHL.

Their core service, PlayEverywhere is a Digital Signage/Digital out of Home content management system (CMS). It is successfully introduced in various locations, such as shopping malls, industrial plants, office spaces, and even ski resorts. The service is suitable for different kinds of users - shift managers, store supervisors, PR & marketing specialists to maintain daily based communication. PlayEverywhere allows them to display Corporate Identity (CI), advertisement and other interactive content on various types of screens, including 4k monitors. All kinds of the audience may benefit from Netvico’s service; industrial workers, shoppers, tourists, and office workers. 

Main challenges to overcome:

  •  from a corporate perspective, the main difficulty was related to Netvico’s demand for top-quality talent. Netvico was on a lookout for a team of experts who will learn their business core and thus continue further development of the CMS, including creating new features. 
  • the second aspect of work was caused by business circumstances and engineering. Netvico provides it’s services for different kinds of clients, using various types of screens and monitors in different contexts. Some of them are interactive and required WebSockets to maintain communication between the content provider and the final user via smartphones.
  • Netvico also offers solutions for touchscreens and dynamic environments, like industrial plants, where the contents need to be adjusted several times during the day. PlayEverywhere has to anticipate all these conditions, hence the demand for intuitive navigation best performance.


Netvico’s demand for top-notch Javascript competencies concluded in technological partnership with Merixstudio. We came up with a highly skilled team at short notice, learning the client’s business core and coming up with particular solutions not only in terms of engineering but also in team management, tests, and communication.

Our Angular/Node.js engineers have been widely introduced into the business context of the Digital Signage service. The team conducted a 2-day scoping session to perform a smaller, test-drive project which leads us to ongoing collaboration.

We agreed on cutting-edge technologies (Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, Express, WebSockets, and Docker) and also Electron for displaying video content specifically on the screens within shopping centers. Next, we composed a small team with high involvement of Quality Assurance specialists responsible for integration and unit tests. The newly composed agile team start working following scrum methodology - conducting dailies, refinements, sprint plannings as well as other scrum ceremonies. The product ownership is undertaken by the client, playing the role of PO in scrum flow. Delivering requirements and providing feedback are maintained in a daily based communication, involving video-conferences and constant Slack correspondence.

The team’s effort is focused on the most important parts of the service: Booking, Playlist, Preview, Locations, and Media Data Bank. In a competitive market, increasing the performance of the service, introducing it to various kinds of displays and monitors must be compromised with the various contexts of usage as well as different tech-savviness of the users.

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key features

  • location creator

    the system adjusts the save setup for specific locations - stores, factories, public institutions

  • display time configurator

    ensures that the most relevant content, depending on the part of the day (lunch breaks, etc) is displayed

  • media data bank

    a place to store content for further usage

  • unique personas

    various specialists can be given a different level of permissions within the solution that enables them to manage only the relevant content

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media & entertainment
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