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a leading Danish marketplace for design classics

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Everclassic is a leading Danish online marketplace for vintage, Scandinavian design including furniture, ceramics, art and other design objects. It is a large-scale platform that helps to popularise Danish design worldwide.

The main challenges for Merixstudio were to :

  • take over the project from a team from Ukraine making it smooth and downtime-free,
  • developing an English version of the website to help our partner thrive on the international market,
  • completing the unfinished legacy tasks,
  • performance optimisation.


Merixstudio started a collaboration with Everclassic when the client had a functional website for about 2 ½ years and decided to change his current software development firm. The founder searched for a top outsourcing company in Poland and found us via highly ranked Clutch reviews. Handling the legacy project is always a critical process for both parties, therefore, we began with a code audit which was a prerequisite for measuring technical debt as well as assessing the general health of the application. After that, we could confirm the team’s capabilities to handle it and suggest the remedial action plan.

The team composition was flexible and adjustable to the current project’s needs. We kicked off with one PHP developer and PM, then, scale up to four team members adding a front-end developer and QA specialist. The Client and Merixstudio’s manager shared the responsibility for the project management distributing it between the product-vision and process-coordination parts.

As regards the scope of work, our seasoned software development team kicked-off with smaller tasks and overlap with an outgoing team and then took all the development responsibilities. The key milestone achieved by Merixstudio was developing an English version of the website to help our partner enter the international market. This was proceeded by completing the unfinished legacy tasks such as rewriting Zend to Phalcon as well as Magento integration and performance optimisation.

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key features

  • marketplace

    purchasing items via in-app payments (integration with MangoPay)

  • product listings

    extensive product listings organised in over 40 categories

  • online auctions

    purchasing goods by bidding of a particular price

  • social sharing

    sharing offers via email, Facebook, and Twitter

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