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Bronson Vitamins

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a popular US e-commerce solution for medicines

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Bronson Laboratories is a US-based international healthcare company founded in the 1960s. It is known for producing top-quality nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and health & body care products. Merixstudio contributed to the development of the e-commerce platform that makes Bronson’s products easily available.

Key challenges were:

  • analyzing the previous site in terms of its general usability, flows and habits of its users
  • designing the entirely new user interface to improve the shopping experience of the existing users and to comply with the latest design trends
  • creating an e-commerce solution that is friendly for users of different age groups
  • integrating the application with an ERP system
  • enriching the application with advanced external Magento modules so that we expand the platform functionalities in a budget and time efficient way


The collaboration with Bronson Vitamins started more than 10 years ago and since then it has been a strong partnership based on a series of different projects intermingled by less intensive maintenance time. Initially, we provided support in customizing Magento solutions and adjusting the e-commerce platform to the unique users (e.g. elderly users who browse the web using smaller screens) and business needs. We created a new fully responsive version of the store with a goal of optimizing online sales channels as well as redesigning the layout. All these combined resulted in growing traffic from mobile devices.

One of the recent milestones we worked on was a UX audit which was a precondition for complete re-design of the layout and making the new site fully responsive (RWD). UX audit was to capture relevant information that would support the process of redesigning in a smart way i.e. adjusting to the users by noticing and understanding their behaviour patterns, annoyances and mistakes. During this process, we relied mostly on data gathered via Hotjar. Within 2 000 sessions, we gathered: 1 411 desktop, 214 tablet, 375 phone unique sessions. This served as a solid ground for identifying less-than-perfect places and needed UX tweaks and in the later stage, wireframing of the new service and creating final UI design.

views examples

key features

  • marketplace

    purchasing items via in-app payments

  • product listings

    extensive product listings organized in various with multiple filters

  • multicurrency

    we used Magento scopes to build an international site allowing their customers to pay with their own currency

  • search

    fast and easy-to-use search powered by Algolia and Elasticsearch

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