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250+ companies trusted us with creating, scaling & modernizing their software – and they didn’t regret it!


what we develop

Looking for a tech partner focused on delivering value and driven by business outcomes? We haven’t been named world's Top Web Developers for nothing.

Cloud-based applications

Respond to changing market needs in a flash. Leverage cloud technology to develop fast, secure, and scalable software.

Saas applications

Gain a competitive edge. Bring to the table a bulletproof bespoke SaaS app made to convert and scale.

Enterprise applications

In business, time is money. Build tailor-made software to increase your employee’s productivity and streamline internal processes.

Custom CRM systems

Improve business relationships. Make the most of customer data with a CRM platform that fulfills your business goals.

Progressive web apps

Keep up in the mobile-first world. Bridge the gap between web and mobile apps and let users enjoy a smooth digital experience.

Single-page apps

Forget delays and distractions. Deliver a seamless user experience with a responsive and high-performant web app that doesn’t require page reloading during use.

our tech stack

frontend development

Forget about static and long-loading web apps. With highly scalable JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js at the front, we can deliver web solutions that are both stylish and lightning-fast.



backend development

We deliver complex, secure and well-documented backend solutions with resizable computing capacity that scale naturally within the industry’s best cloud platforms. Whether it’s a web app, custom backend system or an API, we create architectures that best suit your digital products.

new possibilities thanks to:
AI Big Data Machine Learning

We help investigate the pros and cons of innovative new technologies including AI, IoT, Machine learning, Big data. Take advantage of our expertise to assess their potential within your business environment.

what clients say

Rosalyn flag of Rosalyn country


An AI-based remote assessment and proctoring solution
angular nodejs remoteproctoring
Moneyfarm flag of Moneyfarm country


A leading UK digital wealth management application
react redux angular node.js
Sendinblue flag of Sendinblue country


The all-in-one marketing platform
react redux php symfony product scale up
media & entertainment
Facta flag of Facta country


a cloud-based solution for controlling, analyzing, and sharing financial data
react typescript
Juilliard RMS flag of Juilliard RMS country

Juilliard RMS

recitals management system for the world leader in arts education
react python django user experience
Unibo flag of Unibo country


Python and React-driven platform for online casinos
python product design django
media & entertainment


Customer satisfaction speaks for itself

Our clients recognize us as a one-stop software development partner who delivers top-notch code and futureproof design. Need we say more?

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our web design skills

how we handle work


free technical consultation

multidisciplinary team

UX/UI support from day 0

product map starting from MVP


engineers’ resumes within 2 days

developer onboarding in 1 week

risk-free 4-week trial period

flexible team composition

...but before coding we want to understand

workshops tailored to the needs of customers are our way to recognize the requirements. They are highly valued by both: our clients, as a help to organize the ideas and structure them better, and our teams, who find them the best way to start working on the project.

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gathering requirements

product discovery
design sprint
scoping session

we deliver even more

Project management

The combination of agile methodology and experienced project managers enables us to create cutting-edge solutions tailored to changing needs and environments and reach an unprecedented level in the speed and quality of software development.
  • Scrum / Scrumban
  • Project Planning
  • Product Management
  • Backlog Management (JIRA)
  • Budget / Scope / Time Management
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Quality Assurance

Want to provide quality to your users at every step of a technological journey? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our quality assurance engineers make the development process smooth and keep you focused on business goals.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Agile Testing
  • Manual Functional Testing
  • Cross-browser & Cross-device Testing
  • Automated Testing (Selenium Webdriver / Protractor / WebdriverIO)
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Servers and infrastructure configuration are a part of development process of any solution. Continuous efficiency to maintain full synergy is required by changing enviroment.
  • Designing infrastructure

  • Monitoring and logging

  • Development of infrastructure

  • Automation and migrations

  • DevOps outsourcing

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Mateusz Anioła Head of Engineering Teams

Mateusz Anioła- Head of Engineering Teams at Merixtudio

work with us

Our dedicated agile teams can help you create a highly performant and scalable web application that users understand.

Michał Lisewski Senior Business Developer

Michał Lisewski- Senior Business Developer at Merixtudio
Learn all about the risks and opportunities of mobile scaleup.
How to ensure healthy mobile app growth?
In the product lifecycle, the growth stage comes with challenges, risks, and opportunities. We share the design and development tips on how to prepare your mobile application for scaleup. WATCH EXPERT DISCUSSION

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