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All applications go through a lifecycle - modernization is a journey, not a destination. A system that may not be considered legacy now may become outdated next year due to the pace of technological change, shifting skillset availability and cost, as well as changing business needs.

A successful software modernization is much more than just moving data to the cloud.

It's an opportunity to transform the way an organization works.

modernization strategies that we follow

  • Lift & Shift

    Lift & Shift

    lifting a portion of an entire existing application from your on-premise infrastructure and shifting it to the cloud with few or no modifications to the code

    Good, if you:
    • want to start with moving to the cloud
    • need minimal disruption to the application
    • can't change the application's architecture
    What you get:
    • fastest modernization at lowest cost
    • no major changes = no unexpected costs
    • new horizon of leveraging cloud services
  • Augment & Refactor

    Augment & Refactor

    making major changes to your application's code or configuration in order to move it to the cloud without impacting its external behavior; architecture of existing application remains unchanged

    Good, if you:
    • want to add feature, improve performance or scale the application, but it can't be done in the application's existing state
    • need to make important code changes to enable migration to the cloud
    What you get:
    • reduced cost of future maintenance
    • good benefit-cost ration fostering growth
    • stability and flexibility ensured by cloud solutions
  • Complete Rewrite

    Complete Rewrite

    rebuilding your application from the ground up by creating new functionalities to replace and retire existing applications; includes updating the application architecture for a fully modern stack

    Good, if you:
    • use the application that is too old and outdated to spend any more time and money maintaining it
    • get more valute from rebuilding an outdated application than sustaing it
    What you get:
    • solution fully tailored to your needs
    • future-proof design created with maintenance in mind
    • leveraging full power of the cloud

technologies we trust

  • Technologies

    • python
    • typescript
    • javascript
    • kotlin
    • swift
    • java
    • kafka
    • rabbitmq
  • Frameworks

    • flask
    • django
    • fastapi
    • react
    • angular
    • spring
    • nestjs
    • express
  • Cloud

    • aws
    • google cloud
    • azure
  • Tools

    • kubernetes
    • docker
    • terraform
    • newrelic
    • docker swarm
    • gitlab
    • github

about the
user-centric modernization process

To meet modernization goals, strategy and tactics must work in tandem. With the well-structured process of creating a modernization roadmap come battle-tested techniques for achieving success in each of its phases. Harness the power of our user-centric team approach and proven methods that lead to flawless software modernization.

  • Understanding the business process & needs
    right-pointing arrow

    value proposition, competetive analysis, context map canvas, user journey, stakeholders analysis, service blueprint, event storming (big picture)

  • Detailed system analysis
    • User perspective
      right-pointing arrow

      UX research, UX audit, competitors
      & similar solution analysis

    • Tech perspective
      right-pointing arrow

      context mapping, architecture review, Dev/QA processes, integration, deployment, source code, database structure, security, infrastructure

  • New solution modeling
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    user personas, story mapping, value/effort matrix, MoSCoW, event storming (design-level)

Product Design + Software Architecture

Unique combination of user and tech perspective makes innovation part of the modernization process and keeps you at the leading edge

pre-development at a glance

  • Project

    What we do:

    • identifying, mapping, and understanding your business processes
    • learning your modernization goals


    • deep knowledge of your product and processes
    • scope of assessment
  • Current

    What we do:

    • User discovery

      analyzing your system from the user perspective including available data analysis, observations and interviews with users

    • + Tech discovery

      examining your system from the technical side, including architecture, critical areas of the solution and the technology used for its implementation


    • UX assessment report
    • technical assessment report
  • Future

    What we do:

    • discussing current state assessments' outcomes
    • conducting a few-days workshop session to define user needs + business needs + technical problems that will lead us to propose a new solution


    • current vs future state analysis & recommendations
    • concept of the new solution
  • Modernization

    What we do:

    • determining modernization value
    • defining priorities, estimating costs & planning next steps


    • detailed roadmap & modernization plan
    • requirements and scope of work for the first phase
    • estimation & timeline for the first phase

why is it worth to
modernize with us

  • application + pencil

    Create the perfect modernization scenario through our unique user-centric software modernization process

  • brain

    Improve user experience & performance of your software at once by taking advantage of our cross-functional modernization team

  • cog with API written inside

    Integrate your legacy software with SaaS products and other systems

  • smartphone

    Reduce risks & costs by leveraging the power of the cloud

  • calendar + clock

    Adopt new emerging technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Big Data

  • cloud filled in 2/3

    Deliver new features in weeks instead of months

Work with our
Modernization Team

Our cloud engineers and designers have years of experience in bringing systems up to date in a methodical manner that's oriented towards meeting modernization goals.

Your modernization team could look like that:

modernization team
  • Lead
    Project Manager

    9+ years of experience

  • Lead
    UX Designer

    9+ years of experience

  • Software Architect

    10+ years of experience

  • Business Analyst

    5+ years of experience

  • DevOps Engineer

    8+ years of experience

see our recent work

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common questions

How does Merixstudio determine the cost of the legacy modernization project?

Estimation of every software development process – especially software modernization – is challenging. Predicting time and cost of the project requires understanding what you want to achieve and what is possible in your case. To recognize all business challenges, we work closely with you and your domain experts; that’s the pre-development stage. During this phase, we focus on gathering deep knowledge of your product and processes through technology audit, UX audit, and other types of analysis necessary to discover weaknesses and strengths of your legacy software. Then, based on the outcome, we work on the future solution. In short, we organize workshop sessions that include experts from both our and your side to shape the vision, prepare a perfect modernization scenario, and predict time and cost.

Can you help me if the technology used by our application is not your specialty?

Yes, Merixstudio has specialists in many technologies and tools, and we’re not tied only to ones we have expertise in. For the Lift & Shift, we don’t require much interference with the application. In Complete Rewrite we can select well-suited technologies at the planning stage. Augment & Refactor involves a review of the current solution to provide details. We can answer questions and dispel doubts via an assessment process performed in the Current state phase.

What do you need from my side to start the modernization process?

To be able to assess the current state precisely, we need your involvement in the process. Any documentation regarding the tools and solutions, integrations, architecture, and infrastructure will be helpful. If you have technical people and developers on your side to help, putting us in touch with them will be much appreciated. To see the full picture, we will need access at a read-only level to codebase, application, and infrastructure.

How do you choose the modernization approach?

Merixstudio’s proposition is based on business and technical assessment. This part of the process gathers details about requirements that the modernization should meet. We also take into consideration any vision that you may have. All this data gives us a good understanding of the ground we’re starting on and allows to select the best approach.

Can you cooperate with our developers on the modernization process?

Yes, Merixstudio has experience working in augmentation with other teams. We will define how we are going to work together to fulfill the modernization goal during the Future vision and Modernization roadmap planning phases.

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