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what we offer

project initiation workshops



scoping session

you have a prototype or wireframes of the product

you get analysis of technical opportunities and information about a cost of development

time 1 day in-house, 1-2 days online session (4-6h)


full product design workshops

you have an idea of the product with a few unknowns

you get a full stack team to help in transforming the idea into a mature solution

time 2 days in-house, 2-3 days online session (8-12h)


design sprint

you have a complex solution that requires verification

you get a genuine validation based on research and prototype tested with potential users

time 5 days in-house, 5-7 days online session (24-30h)

product performance and usability analysis

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UX research/test - consultation

you-have questions and unknowns regarding your users needs, market opportunities

you-get validate ideas, test the solutions and get a feedback


UX audits

you-have already existing website or application

you-get optimize work, boost conversion, make users more satisfied

user interface design

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web & mobile design






visual branding

how we work

success story

A premium quality connection platform for gamers and e-sports teams. Awesome design with intuitive user flow


see case study

Although the platform is still in development, a university has responded positively and is interested in trialing the MVP. Merixstudio took a holistic approach to the project, providing crucial business knowledge and branding services. Their thoroughness and attention to detail distinguish them.

An application with booking process automation. Easy to use digital part of an offline business


see case study

Their team's genuine interest in the business idea and revenue model led to the development of a platform that solves a real problem. Merixstudio doesn't need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. Hiring them early-on in the project will ensure stellar results.

our approach

Maria Borowy
Close and continuous cooperation between product design and development team is something crucial to create a coherent solutions for our customers.
Maria Borowy
Product Design Team Lead
Milena Pawlak
Online and offline workshops with our customers proved to be a key success factor for a smooth start of cooperation. Common understanding not only how the application works but why and for whom it is being created is something that cannot be underestimated.
Milena Pawlak
UX Designer
Jakub Kośla
What really defines us as a great team to work with is a holistic approach to the projects. our experiences vary and we draw the best from what we have learned in the past.
Jakub Kośla
Senior UI Designer

common questions

When is the best moment to implement UX practices (rules/principles)?

Before the project starts. the better you are prepared with knowing needs of your potential users, business context and strategy the more useful and friendly the product will be.

How should I prepare myself for a workshop session?

Our workshops are always customised, before they happen we agree on the scope of agenda and sometimes we ask you to do some homework and prepare some things like e.g. analytics of your website or some benchmarks you enjoy. Workshops are very intense, they require having an open mind and being involved.

Do I need to have my own wireframes?

No, you do not need to have them but if you do, we are always eager to have look and give you some hints to make them even more perfect from the user perspective.

How does the cooperation between your team and a customer look like?

We start with workshops to understand the product and its flow. We work on functionalities, suggest some solutions. as a result we create wireframes and flows, and later the designs. As a customer you are present in all of these activities, we communicate on calls and by slack so you are present at every step of our work.

Is it possible to start designing graphics straight away?

It depends on the complexity of a project. Nevertheless we do not recommend this approach as in case some assumptions change while creating the solution, change of the design will cost more than changing some elements on mockups.

Why should I hire you instead of my own designer?

Keeping everything in one place guarantees a consistency of the design and ready product. As we work altogether with developers we are quite often aware what are the limitations and possibilities at the stage of designing the solution.

lets talk without buzzwords

your solution will be

ready to monetize
in line with trends
understood by users
prepared to boost conversion

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