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designing the powerful

We are aware that UI design is not the goal itself but it is rather a powerful tool. Therefore, creating your product with Merixstudio means that you get much more than just smooth graphic design. We create powerful and intuitive interfaces that drive positive user experience and growth of your business.

Workshops with client
  • UX audits
  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • Usability testing
  • Web Application & Mobile UI Design
  • Product and Service UX support
  • User-Centred Design

future-proof digital products

Merixstudio’s design team is in step with you on each stage of development. The design is a continuous and iterative process of invention, verification, and improvement of the product. That’s why except for creating a UX/UI design, conducting UX audits, we offer long-term support over your software-related KPIs so that you can react fast to trends on the app/product and remain competitive.


That’s where UX maintenance comes. Simply, our goal is to address challenges and create an excellent user experience. 

make your product happen

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