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David Zinneman
"They aren't just an outsourced development team; rather, it's more of a partnership."
David Zinneman
CEO @ Up Your eGame

machine learning & AI

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Machine Learning isn't a buzzword anymore.

Since 1999, we’ve been partnering with innovators to create, integrate, and support modern software solutions.

Merixstudio builds, trains, and deploys machine learning models for tools such as hate speech detector that could identify cyber violence and logo maker that instantly creates custom logo designs.

We also took part in the mission of keeping assessments fair by using artificial intelligence technology to deter, detect, and discover threats to exam integrity.

benefits of hiring merixstudio’s ML & AI engineers

Enterprise empowerment

Armed with big data and machine learning models, organisations are able to predict what’s ahead and prepared for ever-happening change. Machine learning has the potential to empower strategic planning and making data-driven decisions.

High-quality remote team

We don’t subcontract any work or hire 3rd party contractors/freelancers. All of the specialists working for Merixstudio are based in Poznań and work from our HQ office. Your team will only be composed of mid and senior-level engineers. You can see pre-qualified developers’ profiles after intro call.

ML & AI wide expertise

We bring robust and efficient functionality to your app by using libraries like Tensorflow, PyTorch. However, our tech team is highly aware of today’s machine learning, deep learning and AI possibilities and squeeze its potential on the backend.

Full range of IT services

We are ready to create your end-to-end product supplementing your team with a dedicated Project Manager and UI/UX designers. That's not all. We care about the quality of software development that is why we provide you with the Quality Assurance team at your disposal, as well as support maintenance assistance.

our Machine Learning & AI projects

Logo Creator flag of Logo Creator country

Logo Creator

ML-powered logo maker to instantly create custom logo designs
react python django proof of concept
media & entertainment
HappyScribe flag of HappyScribe country


Smart transcription-as-a-service platform
react ruby on rails
media & entertainment
Sheepblue flag of Sheepblue country


smart employee scheduling & AI-chatbot
angular java
facility management
Snappt flag of Snappt country


data-driven tenant screening web app
python django angular
travel & hospitality

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ML&AI-related services for our clients

Machine learning and AI have been considered disruptive technology especially thanks to its ubiquity and potential of being applied across a number of different fields. The list of opportunities is endless. Across the business, when you are armed with big data, you can adopt advanced Machine Learning for automating internal operations, managing risks, or redefining the customer experience.

Machine Learning goes much beyond the above. Merixstudio used Machine Learning for tools such as hate speech detector that could identify cyber violence and logo maker that instantly creates custom logo designs with a vision of making a powerful branding available to everyone.

Machine learning-related services for our clients:

  • Building AI algorithms and applications
  • Developing neural network-based artificial intelligence software solutions for data management, pattern and sequence recognition
  • Creating fraud and hate speech detectors
  • Building self-taught machine learning systems to detect patterns, trends and errors in user behaviors
  • Implementing advanced natural language processing and recognition technologies, sentiment language analysis
  • Using real-time image processing, face/object recognition, vehicle detection, intelligent surveillance

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