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digital signage

amaze your customers with superb digital signage solutions

top-notch DOOH solutions

They say that interactivity is a clue for creating an engaging dialogue with your consumers and building their engagement with the brand. Digital Signage by Merixstudio helps you achieve it - we create interactive awesome-looking applications and games for DOOH solutions.

Workshops with client
  • Interface Development
  • HTML5 App Development
  • Mobile & Touch Interaction
  • Server-Side/Database Solutions
  • API Integration
  • JS Cross-Platform Desktop Apps (nw.js / Electron)

amazing DOOH solutions

As a multidisciplinary team of designers, technologists, and makers, we produce top-grade digital custom content for digital signage. We have established a unique process and proven track-record to meet clients needs and expectations: we research, plan, design, iterate and deliver engaging applications and games that enhance real-world experiences.


In brief, Merixstudio has the power to create superb digital signage solutions and change the way you interact with your audience.

make your product happen

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