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DevOps team

Faster product delivery, better resource utilization, greater scalability – these are only some of the things that our DevOps engineers bring to the table.

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Based on your needs, we can support you in end-to-end product development by composing a cross-functional team or seamlessly extend your in-house team of engineers in no time.

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A Few of Our Expert DevOps Engineers

You’re one step from having them on your team.

our DevOps-fuelled projects

Blockchain-based income management platform flag of Blockchain-based income management platform country

Blockchain-based income management platform

A web app for managing digital currency earnings and peer-to-peer wireless network expansion
react UX UI fintech node.js microservices AWS webpack typescript wireframes docker express neweconomy
SafeEx flag of SafeEx country


An inspection & maintenance web tool for the oil and gas industry
AWS Django Python Celery Redis PostgreSQL
facility management
Treasure Earth flag of Treasure Earth country

Treasure Earth

a content mobile app for building eco-friendly communities and raising sustainability causes
react redux NextJS
media & entertainment
Bookingkit flag of Bookingkit country


Europe’s leading SaaS solution for the digitization of tours and activities
python flask proof of concept golang
travel & hospitality

Clients are saying

CEO @ Up Your eGame
"They aren't just an outsourced development team; rather, it's more of a partnership."
David Zinneman
CEO @ Up Your eGame
Co-Founder & CTO @ Genuine Impact
They have consistently over-delivered and provided us with clarity and confidence.
Alister Sneddon
Co-Founder & CTO @ Genuine Impact
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
“Merixstudio doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. “
Jonas Ekegren
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack
“They have a strong balance of professionalism, talent, communication, and friendliness.”
Maxwell Hartman
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack


Customer satisfaction speaks for itself

Our clients recognize us as a one-stop software development partner who delivers top-notch code and futureproof design. Need we say more?

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DevOps is the means for the fast delivery of high-quality digital products. How exactly? The DevOps culture postulates bringing together the development and operations teams with the view to optimizing the software development process and reducing time to market.

At Merixstudio, we embrace DevOps tools to help clients boost the performance of their digital products through automation and an agile mindset. Moreover, we follow the best DevOps practices of engaging engineers throughout the entire product lifecycle, from inception to maintenance, which fosters a culture of accountability.

How can our DevOps services support your business?

  • On-premise to cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration, with the target cloud being one of the three major providers: AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Cloud audit
  • Cloud cost optimization for AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Sharpening the DevOps skills of your current team through the introduction of relevant tools, training, creation of documentation, and overall consulting for optimal results
  • Creation and improvement of automated deployment and testing pipelines (CI/CD) in Gitlab CI, GitHub Actions, or Azure DevOps
  • Mobile application CI/CD automation with fastlane
  • Container modernization with Docker, Kubernetes, or AWS ECS
  • Migration to serverless architecture
  • Improvement of infrastructure maintainability through tech stack update
  • Support with the introduction of MongoDB, Kafka, or any other new service to the current infrastructure
  • Design and maintenance of the monitoring & alerting stack with AWS CloudWatch, Prometheus & Grafana, Azure Monitor, Google Cloud's operations suite (formerly Stackdriver)
  • Leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach with Terraform, Ansible, or CloudFormation
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