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  • The Merixstudio developers displayed strong technical acumen and were able to successfully deliver our event calendar.

    Tunde Giwa / CTO, The Juilliard School, New York

  • Whole collaboration was based on partnership and transparent communication what was very helpful on each stage of the project.

    Jacek Weichert / Product Manager, Allegro Group, Poland

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Since 1999 our team has been helping many Clients across the globe. We love challenges.

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  • Rich experience

    16 years in digital business

    45 specialists

    49 awards & recognitions

    154 clients from 17 countries

  • Competencies

    HTML5 / CSS3


    React / Flux


    Gulp / SASS

  • High quality

    Dedicated Quality Assurance

    Modern browsers support

    Responsive Web Design

    W3C standards and Web Accessibility

  • Great possibilities

    Quick generating of complex views

    Views based on the reactivity

    Developing Digital Signage applications

    Easy to integrate with other technologies

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Choose React development for your project

React development is getting popular nowadays and it’s probably the trendiest JavaScript open source library. React was used in the development of Facebook’s interface. React’s library is a perfect element of a broader set of tools (stack) that are utilized for the management of other tasks of the application. For example, React works great with Flux (also developed by Facebook) or Angular. It helps to split your pages or features into smaller pieces of components. 

Whether you’re running a small, medium or big company, React JS will be perfect. React, thanks to scalability and fault tolerance, allows building web project of different complexity levels.

Do you want to develop a high-performance website and build awesome user interfaces? Hire ReactJS Developers from Merixstudio. We apply the most cutting-edge technologies and frontend development tools. We find ReactJS as the next level of web technology used to create robust and scaling apps. Our work is geared towards agile methodology and ensuring effective digital product scoping and fast delivery.

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