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To be honest, you couldn't have hit a better place. Take a look at how our Python engineers can move your business forward.

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Year after year we are announced a leading software development company that deliver the best digital products for their clients.

The most credible industry review platforms named Merixstudio as Top Python & Django Development Agency in the World.

Python-related services for our clients:

  • Python web application development
  • Python custom software development
  • Python team augmentation
  • application analysis for migration from Python 2 to 3 and other dependencies
  • migration from other languages to Python
  • converting monolithic apps to microservices
  • integration with third-party providers
  • creating API's with REST and GraphQL
  • test automation with Python
  • building search engines using ElasticSearch, Solr or Algolia
  • application analysis for performance and implementation of improvements

benefits of hiring merixstudio’s Python developers

  • Python as a core specialty

    It’s always better to work with a vendor that focuses on the technology you need. Our developers not only improve their Python coding skills on a daily basis but also actively contribute to the Python community and open-source projects.

  • High-quality Python team

    We don’t subcontract any work or hire 3rd party contractors/freelancers. All of the specialists working for Merixstudio are based in Poznań and work from our HQ office. Your team will only be composed of mid and senior-level engineers. You can see pre-qualified developers’ profiles after intro call.

  • Python frameworks expertise

    Flask, Django, Pyramid, Twisted bring robust and efficient functionality of your app’s backend. Creating our own Django-trench open-source library for over 700 hrs gives you indisputable proof that you'll work with a passionate, tech-driven company.

  • Full range of services

    We are ready to create your end-to-end product supplementing your team with a dedicated Project Manager and UI/UX designers. That's not all. We care about the quality of software development that is why we provide you with the Quality Assurance team at your disposal, as well as support maintenance assistance.

why merixstudio?

  • Full-stack. Since 1999

  • Digital product design & development

  • Agile battle-tested team

  • Fast delivery & team scale-up

our Python-fuelled projects



a B2B cloud-based product information management platform
python product design django saas angular
Up Your eGame

Up Your eGame

A premium community platform for gamers
react python redux django
Juilliard RMS

Juilliard RMS

recitals management system for the Juilliard School
react python django user experience


a non-profit community platform supporting humanity's missions
react product design redux django

Clients are saying

CEO @ Up Your eGame
"They aren't just an outsourced development team; rather, it's more of a partnership."
David Zinneman
CEO @ Up Your eGame
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
“Merixstudio doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. “
Jonas Ekegren
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack
“They have a strong balance of professionalism, talent, communication, and friendliness.”
Maxwell Hartman
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack

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