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Machine learning and AI have been considered disruptive technology especially thanks to its ubiquity and potential of being applied across a number of different fields. The list of opportunities is endless. Across the business, when you are armed with big data, you can adopt advanced Machine Learning for automating internal operations, managing risks, or redefining the customer experience. Companies use ML to embrace data-driven digital transformation and boost the efficiency of their businesses. With machine learning, you can use the data generated by your business to predict changes and plan for the future.

Machine Learning goes much beyond the above. Merixstudio used Machine Learning for tools such as hate speech detector that could identify cyber violence and logo maker that instantly creates custom logo designs with a vision of making a powerful branding available to everyone.

The leading industries that benefit from Machne Learning development are advertising, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation.

How does machine learning work? It is the practice of teaching a computer to learn (as opposed to driving a system by explicit programming). Machine Learning developers apply various algorithms to iteratively learn from data in order to ultimately improve, describe, and anticipate outcomes. In fact, a machine learning model is an output created after having trained a machine learning algorithm with data. This is why it is possible to constantly create more precise models.

There is a variety of approaches to machine learning that make it happen e.g. supervised learning, unsupervised learning, reinforcement learning, neural networks and deep learning. Especially the latter i.e. deep learning has been gaining popularity recently. Machine Learning has been considered a natural evolution of technology. These days, the functionalities demanded in software go far beyond CRUD operations and basic visualizations. Software tends to play a greater role in supporting (so far) human-only processes such as defining strategies, reasoning, decision making. Here is where machine learning comes.

benefits of Machine Learning

  • growing popularity

    Machine Learning has become the core driver of many new applications of tech companies and it has been considered a natural evolution of technology. Some of ML’s frameworks (e.g. Tensorflow) cherish more that 122k GitHub stargazers and it’s still growing.

  • enterprise empowerment

    Armed with big data and machine learning models, organisations are able to predict what’s ahead and prepared for ever-happening change. Machine learning has the potential to empower strategic planning and making data-driven decisions.

  • versitality

    Machine Learning algorithms can be plugged into very different problems and, when set well, produce impressing results. There is a huge variety of areas and industries that benefit from Machine Learning technologies.

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Logo Creator

Logo Creator

ML-powered logo maker to instantly create custom logo designs
react python django

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Jonas Ekegren
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Maxwell Hartman
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