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Expert Flutter development for
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Flutter is not just a framework; it's a game-changing technology that revolutionizes cross-platform development. It's designed
to build mobile, web, and desktop solutions more effectively than traditional frameworks.

At Merixstudio, we harness the full potential of Flutter to develop responsive and high-performing mobile applications. Our dedicated team, including roles like mobile consultants and tech leads, brings a wealth of experience to every project. This approach ensures not only technical excellence but also strategic guidance, as we've successfully delivered many projects across various industries.

Partner with us and elevate your cross-platform strategy using Flutter.

Ensure high performance

Deliver smooth and efficient app experiences with Flutter's
high-performance rendering engine and native compilation.

Reduce development costs

Cut down on resource allocation and expenses by utilizing Flutter's cross-platform capabilities, needing fewer resources
for multi-platform development.

Enhance UI consistency

Ensure a cohesive and visually appealing user experience
across all devices by utilizing Flutter's extensive widget library.

Expand your reach with Flutter's single codebase

Utilize Flutter for efficient multi-platform development, accelerating app deployment and simplifying maintenance
for iOS, Android, and beyond.

How we help

Utilizing Flutter to develop mobile applications offers
a unified solution for iOS and Android platforms. This approach streamlines the development process, allowing for a single codebase that caters to both environments.

The result is a faster development cycle, cost savings, and a consistent user experience across multiple platforms, enhancing user engagement
and satisfaction.

Flutter's capabilities extend beyond mobile, facilitating the development of applications for desktop and web platforms.

This uniform development process uses the same Flutter framework for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and web browsers. It simplifies the development process and ensures consistent application performance and design across all user interfaces.

Augmenting the client’s team with specialized Flutter developers can significantly enhance the development process.

These experts bring specialized knowledge
and experience in the Flutter framework, contributing
to faster development, tackling complex tasks efficiently, and ensuring the high quality of the final product.

Flutter enables the creation of both low
and high-fidelity prototypes. While low-fidelity prototypes provide a basic, quick sketch of the app
for initial concept validation, high-fidelity prototypes are more detailed and interactive, resembling the final product.

This prototyping process facilitates early testing
and user feedback, driving improvements before
full-scale development.

Flutter offers a diverse range of UI design possibilities. It includes Material Design widgets that align
with Google's design guidelines, ensuring aesthetically pleasing and functional UI components.

Flutter also supports custom UI designs, allowing developers to create unique, brand-specific user interfaces. This versatility leads to engaging
and unique user experiences.

Consulting in Flutter development provides expertise
in the framework's best practices, architecture,
and design patterns.

This service ensures efficient and scalable app development processes, aligns with industry standards, and identifies potential challenges with appropriate solutions, facilitating a smooth development journey.

Integrating native functionalities into Flutter apps using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS enriches
the app with platform-specific features. This is particularly useful when app functionalities exceed Flutter's capabilities, necessitating native code.

It enhances the app's performance and provides richer user experiences by leveraging platform-specific advantages.

Automating the CI/CD process for mobile applications using Fastlane and Bitrise streamlines the build, test, and release cycle for mobile apps.

This leads to more consistent deployments, faster delivery to app stores, and an enhanced ability
to manage multiple app flavors and configurations.

Monitoring and enhancing Flutter application performance involves a variety of tools applicable across different technologies. This approach focuses on optimizing code and resource usage, leading
to smoother, faster, and more reliable performance
for businesses.

Understand before building

Our workshops are custom-fit to meet our clients' unique needs, ensuring we grasp all requirements right from the start. Valued by our clients for refining their ideas and by our teams as the most effective kickoff for projects, these sessions establish a unified understanding from day one.

Scoping session

If you are well-versed with your product and need to estimate development costs, consider
a scoping session.

This collaborative process aims
to align all team members
on the project's objectives, functionalities, and the necessary time and effort for successful delivery.


1-2 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

Product discovery& scoping

If you are looking for expert validation of your ideas to ensure your products meet real needs, consider product discovery & scoping.

It saves time and resources
by resolving uncertainties early
and concentrating on products
with true demand.


3-4 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

Logic heavy custom workshop

If you are working on a project
with many unknowns, consider custom workshops.

It's structured to address and resolve pressing concerns, ensuring
a seamless transition into
the development phase.


1-2 online or indoor sessions
(4-6h per session)

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