Warehouse space leasing app developed in short order to reach early customers

Problems to solve

Walaro Software is a Swedish warehouse space leasing solution for both B2C - private consumers who are looking for storage space and B2B - operators who want to reach a larger pool of customers. The product automates the process of booking storage facilities and makes it easier and more accessible for both individuals and companies. As the self-storage business is not too digitalized, we needed to take on a consumer perspective and solve the issues and challenges that someone might have when looking to rent storage space.

We were challenged with:

  • creating an MVP version of the project in a time-efficient manner so that the client can acquire early customers, and gather feedback for future development,
  • supporting the client with creating the marketing material for the operators to encourage them to use the application and unlock the potential of the B2B-oriented part of the platform.
  • working on further version 2 of the project.



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Our approach was to create the MVP of the solution to get the product to early customers and let the client achieve business KPIs in a timely fashion. Functionalities and priorities were discussed with the client and multidisciplinary team during the two-day in-house Product Design Workshop. This helped us to forge product requirements and tailored solutions having been focused on users and business needs. Design Thinking was a strategic and practical process that made us achieve it.

Thanks to the outcome of the workshop, we were able to proceed smoothly with the wire-framing and graphic design phase during which we were in close cooperation with a development team so that we design tech-viable and effective solutions. Apart from the UX/UI visual assets, we crafted marketing materials that client used for talks with investors, encouraging operators to use the application and, consequently, unlocking the potential of the B2B-oriented part of the platform.

On the basis of a prior product design process, we crafted and launched a responsive web-based application on the Python Django framework. The whole development workflow was individual and adjustable to the current project’s needs. We were inspired by Agile development and followed selected Scrum ceremonies fine-tuning their frequencies to the changing environment and team size. 

Key features

Aggregated offers

all storage operators on the same site; users can find an operator searching by location or and price and other metadata like car friendliness etc.

Customer dashboard

for customers who purchased a storage rental to manage all the rented storages, contracts, payments and support the customer in case of questions

Integrated payment system

quick and user-friendly reoccurring payment flow (thanks to integration with 3rd party API - PayEX) and an option to save payment details; users book and pay for the storage facilities after creating an account

Dedicated operators sites

customisable operator-dedicated sites with private label branding matching their brand identity

Inventory management

a complete listing of operators’ storage facilities along with their current status; enabling operators to manage rentals, storages and units

Admin panel

an advanced admin panels for both regular operator-dedicated admin and a super admin that manages all the operators. Built with an out-of-the-box Django suit

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