Volkswagen awakening students’ passion for robotics and automated technology

Problems to solve

Szkoła Małego Inżyniera (Little Engineer School) is a website supporting Volkswagen in spreading their values and building their brand awareness among the youngest. This is a non-profit educational project targeted at primary school children - its key objective is awakening students’ passion for robotics and automated technology as well as a creative and proactive approach.

The key challenges were:

  • creating a robust and fraud-resistant voting system for schools so that it cannot be exploited by bots,
  • making the solution capable of handling heavy traffic loads.



monthly visits on the website


successful editions of Szkoła Małego Inżyniera


votes took in the latest edition


months of development



Drupal 8


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SMS gateway (SMSAPI)


Manual Testing


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Merixstudio was responsible for developing the project from scratch covering full-fledged web development consultancy, quality assurance, software development and design services. One of the main milestones to achieve were: creating a full design for the website, implementing a bot-resistant voting system for schools (one of the ways to achieve it was integration with an SMS gateway for increased verification), allowing schools to submit applications via a website, creating a back office panel for managing applications and voting process.

It’s worth mentioning that Szkoła Małego Inżyniera is just one of many projects that Volkswagen decided to develop with Merixstudio during our longstanding collaboration. There were, among others, websites supporting their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes such as “Niebieskie Granty” - a website for raising ecological awareness in local communities including advanced implementations of JavaScript, Ajax and CSS3, Google Maps API and Drupal CMS. or “Mini Handball” - a website for promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity with Drupal CMS and beautiful front-end JavaScript animations .

Key features

Application forms

an application form allowing schools to report their participation in the project

Voting system

a system allowing voting for particular schools and choosing winners; this included an SMS verification of the voters

School listings

a powerful search engine allowing users to see school listing and improving their findability

Content management

an advanced back office panel allowing management of applications, voting process, and website’s content

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