A new version of the platform for managing employee activities and schedules

Problems to solve

Levatis is an Austrian company offering SaaS platform that streamlines management of the workforce's activities and schedules. The software supports a wide array of ventures in employee management that mainly boils down to automating time and task tracking.

Levatis teamed up with Merixstudio to gain support in building a new version of the app with a completely revamped frontend. The client needed to enrich their internal team with new members who could bring the best Angular consultancy and provide constructive feedback on the current code condition.

The key challenges were:

  • working on the legacy codebase (with legacy API as the most demanding part),
  • quick aligning themselves with the client’s team to promptly start bringing value and meeting the deadlines.



year of collaboration


developers at client’s side


developers at Merixstudio’s side


day of onboarding session at client’s HQ in Vienna



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There have been over one year of close cooperation between Levatis and Merixstudio’s Angular team. We kicked off the project by integrating with the client and team in their headquarters in Vienna where our developers travelled for a few day onboarding processes. In this early stage, Merixstudio’s team performed a code review to test for application performance and code quality. This was a prerequisite for assessing the general health of the application (including main pains/gains) indicating remedial points (including the suggested action points and recommendations). The next step was implementing new features such as a time tracking tool, CRUD views for projects, and human resources planner.

The division of work’s scope was quite clear-cut. Merixstudio took ownership of front-end development in Angular, whereas Levatis in-house team took care of back-end written in Java. The whole development was facilitated by agile methodologies.

Key features

Time tracking

automated time tracking. Users can select a particular task, log time devoted to it and manage it (e.g. adding tags, notes, editing history)

Activity monitoring

reviewing users’ activity throughout a selected time span (including filtering of data, individual and group summary stats)

Project management

a module for project management providing four main views: products’ listings, detailed product’s descriptions, phases of particular products, resource assignment for particular products’ phases

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