Intuitive and esthetic product design for a DIY investors mobile app

Problems to solve

Genuine Impact’s founders describe their service as ”the world's first financial terminal, created to empower DIY investors”. The service supports individual investors in their investment decision processes by measuring the risks associated with an investment in specific values. With several charts, biases and plenty of data delivered through the application, the user can make quicker and more valid decisions while investing. Thanks to a perfect combination of technical acumen with risk management and stock exchange-related expertise, this fintech application makes investment easier for individuals

Genuine Impact founders were on a lookout for an experienced product design company to finish their efforts leading towards the MVP release.

The scope of work included:

  • Providing an entire branding design for a Fintech company operating in a competitive environment
  • Delivering intuitive and esthetic views and feature designs displaying several biases, charts, and statistics
  • Introducing best business practices and requirements in design processes
  • Anticipating specific guidelines and complex requirements of a highly specialized documentation



marketing assets, incl. social media graphics, ads and more




logo & branding design, based on 55 pages of specification


stock exchange markets at hand



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UI design
Marketing Materials






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Alister & Truman, two London-based founders searched for product design and UX agency, able to deliver mobile, desktop and marketing assets shortly before releasing their MVP.

Merixstudio approached them underlining product design capabilities combined with experience gained through a proven track record. After gathering the requirements we started delivering mobile and UI designs, working collaboratively with the client. 

Both Poznań and London-based teams maintained permanent communication using Slack and arranging videoconferences every 2-3 days. Due to tight deadlines, strictly determined by the business circumstances, the Merixstudio product design team delivered >20 unique views, logo and set of logo and entire branding assets.

Genuine Impact Founders were granted access to the Invision files, maintaining real-time communication. Constant feedback & best practices gave on-time delivery, followed by the 2nd, development phase.

After the successful delivery of designs, our frontend team undertook to deliver Vue.js components for the RWD web app, slightly implemented by the Genuine Impact in-house engineering team.

Key features

Security ranking

scoring more than 8,000 stocks and funds with institutional quality data and process

Portfolio analysis

checking investment health, and enhancement tools for asset allocation

Investment insights

displaying the best quality publications from over 500 global asset managers

Multiply biases & charts

presenting most demanded and easy-to-understand metrics for beginners as well as more experienced users

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