Support for scaling up the enterprise Django content management system

Problems to solve

Divio is a product company with offices in New York, Stockholm, and Zürich that offers Divio Cloud - an autopilot for Django projects. Divio Cloud provides tools for the management, integration, and hosting to reduce environment set-up time and streamline a complicated deployment process. Except for this, Divio has created an open-source Django CMS used by thousands of websites since 2007 and this is what Merixstudio has been bringing value to.

The key challenges were:

  • helping our client in accelerating velocity by (initially) serving as an extension to the existing development team,
  • taking over the role of tech leads and consultants,
  • working on a publicly available codebase and taking care of its compatibility with older versions.



weeks of lead time


year of collaboration


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Merixstudio’s visits at clients’ HQ





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Django CMS is a simple and developer-friendly system with a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The application supports content management - it’s been built around the needs of marketers (offering multi-lingual publishing and built-in SEO tools) as well as developers (offering easy integration with other Django applications).

The client reached out to us with a need for quick scaling up their existing software development team in order to accelerate velocity and enrich the team with new skills. Initially, Merixstudio’s team kicked-off the project as a development extension of the Divio team, however, with time they have been given greater ownership and trust being recognised as core developers and consultants.

During the development, we remained in close contact with the external team not only remotely (via Slack, Jira, Skype videocons) but also on-site visiting Divio’s headquarters and Divio clients's branches in the crucial phases of the development.

Key features

Content editing

creation, editing, publishing content on a site; introducing further changes to the existing content by double-clicking

Plugin architecture

managing complex content layout in Django CMS; having control over a vast array of Django CMS plugins e.g. Google Maps

Application integration

an ability to perform integrations with other application to manage new information and functionalities (e.g. widgets, forms)

Multiple languages

serving content in multiple languages

Advanced frontends

allowing to integrate advanced front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and others

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