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May 6, 2019

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Workshops, IT events, parties, and much more - summary of April

Aleksandra Przybylska

With the spring break behind us, it’s time to take a look at the previous month. And April seemed to be dedicated mainly to sharing the knowledge - apart from our front.radar event, we also organized quite a special event - check out the article to find out what it was about! In addition to that, we also worked on morale by going out and on our neighborhood by attending #trashchallenge. But enough with the introduction - let’s get straight to juicy details!

The voice of Merixstudio

Let’s start this summary with something that may not seem extremely important, but for us is a fundamental part of working in our software house. I’m obviously talking about an integration party! And since we haven't got a chance to go out in a big group for quite some time, to say we were pumped would be an understatement.

We decided to not up with well-tested classic and went out to shoot pool, drink some beers, and stuff our faces with pizza. We also partake in our new favorite activity - a karaoke contest. Turns out that our office is not only filled with talented developers and other IT specialists, but also with plenty of great vocalists! So who knows, maybe we will produce not only great digital products but also fire mixtapes. ;)

Traveling and teaching about UX

As you know, there are three events organized by our software house that you can attend in Poznań - front.radar, py_tej (previously known as Django Hotspot), Dev College. But since our ambition will never let us rest, we decided to go a bit further and organized a User Experience workshops in Berlin, during which we worked with Berlin-based initiatives on how they can avoid making common UX mistakes.

Following the invitation of our friend & business partner, Linda Grönlund, we decided to hit the Hauptstadt and share some UX-related expertise with the community in beautiful premises of The Factory Mitte. We've started with a short presentation underlining the role of research conducted by Kasia and Maria,  then got straight to workshops, during which nearly 40 creatives, managers, and designers worked on their own projects

But since I was not there, I’m not the one to describe this event. Luckily there’s the summary on our blog written by Michał that will answer all your question about the event, so check it out to find out more! 

More knowledge about gaining knowledge  

And speaking of articles written by Michał, here’s another one you can read! In it he talked about education and how is the industry adjusting to both our needs and requirements of the labor market. To make the article as informational as possible, Michał banded together with guest writers from FilmDoo, Smartick, Wooclap, Magikbee, and, who represent different businesses connected to both learning and teaching. In the end, Michał was able to deliver a great article about development and trends in Edtech. So if you find yourself in need of a bit more knowledge (which is always highly encouraged), let’s study together and see what’s the state of modern education. 

Cleaner Earth is a happy Earth!

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Last week a small but mighty group of ours (including the most earth-conscious 3 year old dude) decided to participate in the #trashchallenge and clean our neighborhood.💪 Sadly, we didn’t need to work for long to fill 20 trash bags😔 but the silver lining is that the trash we filled those trash bags with is no longer laying on the ground! 🙌 With a small effort, anyone can make a big change in the world, so let’s get to cleaning our Earth - after all, we only have one!🌍🧡 . . . #earthday #makeachange #trashtag #savetheplanet #savenature #positivevibes #fun #webdeveloper #webdesign #design #programming #programmer #developer #webdesigner #programmerslife #coding #code #python #reactjs #development #webdev #webdevelopment #webstagram #developer #softwarehouse #merixstudio #poznan

A post shared by Merixstudio (@merixstudio) on Apr 29, 2019 at 4:16am PDT

As you probably know, during April the whole world is participating in a variety of activities that celebrate Earth Day. And now doing so is more important than ever - after all, we only have one planet and need to finally take good care of it! With that in mind, this year we decided to participate in the #trashchallenge and clean our neighborhood.  

Our group, which also included one hard-working and enthusiastic three-year-old, took matters into our own hands and filled 20 trash bags with a variety of things that not only defaced the view from our office but (more importantly) were a threat to animals and public health. After all, the old, broken grass mower and sink that we found have no place to lie in the bushes!  

A new way to share our knowledge about frontend development

As you know, this year we started front.radar, our new event for the frontend community that so far is getting more and more popular among developers. With the third edition happening last month, we wanted to respond to your needs and level up the live coverage from the event. Even when every time plenty of you show up in Alibi to learn, chat, and have a beer together (what makes us extremely happy!), we can't forget about those of you, that want to join us via Facebook!

That’s why this time everyone watching the presentations from home could see a vast improvement in the video quality. With that, you could (and still can!) learn from the presentations prepared by Artur and Przemek about React 16 and frontend tests - just sit comfortably and click play!

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