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Dec. 18, 2018

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The Creative Side of Technology #23 - Biweekly Digest

Patrycja Matuszak-Jastak

Brace yourselves! Christmas is coming. Before you throw yourselves into making gingerbread cookies, take a quick look at what's new in the vast realm of startups, UX, design & development.

In this biweekly digest you will explore such topics:

  • Software House vs. Interactive Agency - which one is better for a software project?  
  • Industry 4.0 and Startups - what are the key drivers and technologies of Industry 4.0. based on analysis of 12.500+ startups?
  • A must-have skill of a modern CIO [video] - what are eight best-practice techniques for influential digital leadership?

Also, take a closer look at a comparison of Project Manager and Scrum Master roles. Check out which one is a servant leader and which one is the king of the castle and decide who you need in your project (maybe both?).

We wish you a Merix Christmas!


Why Should You Keep Product Design In A One Software House?
If you want to accelerate your product development process it's a good idea to outsource the whole process to one software house. Here's why. 

5 Emerging Trends For The Future Of The Software Development
The future of software development is going to be much different than work we know today and thus will require different mindsets and skills from people to navigate their careers. Here are possible changes.

Software House Or Interactive Agency - What Is A Better Choice For My Project?
What are the main differences and which one to choose when deciding on your project’s future? Here's a brief comparison.

10 Tech Trends Impacting Infrastructure And Operations In 2019
According to a Gartner report, here are 10 key technologies and trends that I&O leaders must prepare for when supporting digital infrastructure in the new year.

Industry 4.0 Innovation Map Reveals Emerging Technologies & Startups [Infographic]
As the manufacturing industry shifts from physical assets toward cyber-physical systems, automation and data-exchange further progress smart factories. This reversal of the traditional approach is shown in the Industry 4.0 Innovation Map which reveals emerging startups and technologies.

8 Ways To Be An Influential Digital Leader [Video]
Telling people what to do isn't the same as persuading them that you are right. Here's how to get them onboard with your vision. 

E-books & Reports 📝

Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement [Report]
The 2018 Data & Analytics Global Executive Study and Research Report by MIT Sloan Management Review finds that innovative, analytically mature organizations make use of data from multiple sources: customers, vendors, regulators, and even competitors. The report, based on MIT SMR’s eighth annual data and analytics global survey of over 1,900 business executives, managers, and analytics professionals, explores companies leading the way with analytics and customer engagement.

Expert's Point of View 🔎

'All of us know that we’re in the “Agile Age” and it looks that there is no better way to manage a huge part of IT projects than using the agile approach. However, some organizations that are implementing this framework have an enormous problem with understanding and defining new roles of their employees.'

Is there a difference between a Project Manager (PM) and a Scrum Master (SM)? | Piotr Nowaczyk
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piotr nowaczyk project manager merixstudioPiotr Nowaczyk 

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