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Tech Open Air 2019: Berlin never disappoints a software house

Every trip to Berlin leaves us with a fine memory. This time, the experience left us with more than one takeaway. The first week of July, post-industrial premises of TechHaus Berlin were packed with people from Silicon Valley, London, or Tokyo to participate in one of the most comprehensive tech events - Tech Open Air. For many of them, it meant a huge jet lag, but for us, it is like visiting a good-old neighbor.

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Learn about the role of technology in preserving heritage languages like Gwich'in.
Can tech support language revitalization
Celina Jerome (Gwich'in Tribal Council) and Katarzyna Kaniewska (Merixstudio) discuss the means of preserving heritage languages and shed more light on how Kaiik'it, a mobile app for learning Gwich'in, was born. WATCH EXPERT DISCUSSION

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