So many fun things, so little time - summary of April

#1 Ain’t no party like Merixstudio party!

You know us, so you know that we like to party. Last Friday we had a good reason to get loose - we were saying goodbye to our office since not a long time from now we will be working in the new, bigger place! Check out few (noncompromising;)) photos from all the fun we had! #office #newoffice #officewear #officeparty #OfficeFun #party #PartyTime #instaparty #partying #partyhard #funatwork #lovemyjob #dancing #charades #pizza #poznan #softwarehouse #merixstudio

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Let’s start with the biggest event of this month. Heck, probably the biggest event I’ve ever organised in Merixstudio! Since we’ve been planning to leave our office at the end of April, we wanted to say goodbye to our building with a bang. Obviously, the party took place in the office we were saying goodbye to. Even if it (as usual) contained pizza, snacks, and booze, it was far from our regular pizza parties. First of all, we stayed in the office until quite late hours. We also, quite unusually, played charades, what turned out to be a real hit among my coworkers! It was more exciting than some football matches;) I obviously can’t describe everything publicly - everyone at work would get mad at me for spilling the secrets. ;)

#2 Bye, bye Różana!

Here's a little sneak peek of our day - it's all about boxes, bubble wrap, and carefully packed cars;) But more about it tomorrow - at the moment our hands are full with making ourselves comfortable in the new office! 🏢 #moving #movingoffice #office #newoffice #monday #workinghard #lovemyjob #happy #poznan #webdev #webdeveloper #softwarehouse #Merixstudio

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Since I described the party, now I need to talk a little bit more about the reason for it - leaving our beloved office at Różana. I know that I was not the only one that really liked it. However, it became more and more difficult to fit our growing team in only three stories building. We were left with no choice - we needed to move! Last Friday we started packing, then on Monday moved everything and started arranging the new space. It seemed a bit weird to switch from our quirky Różana office to the modern Podwale, but nonetheless, it was a good choice. Now we have a lot of empty desks to fill with new coworkers - check out our job page to find out who we are looking for at the moment!

#3 Sweet things don’t last

Sometimes you don't want to go home at the end of the day! Our Sales team organized quite a sweet surprise from @fudgefilosophy for everyone responsible for getting new clients. And that's the kind of motivation that we really like;) #fiudgephilosophy #cake #instafood #foodporn #delicious #officelife #lovemyjob #poznan #yummy #baking #sweet #brownie #softwarehouse #Merixstudio

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Merixstudio loves food, there’s no point denying that! Some of us are all about the quantity, while others are focused on the quality of the things they put in their bellies. This time the food served by Kamil, Team Leader of Sales team, was for the latter. Wanting to thank his and PR teams for their never ending efforts of gaining new clients, he organised a small party with the most delicious cake there ever was! If you are from Poznań then you probably know where it was bought - no place makes more crazy and delicious sweets than Fudge Filosophy! However, there was one problem - the cake couldn’t last forever and was quickly demolished by the hungry (from all that good work;)) people….

#4 No one is too cool for school

The latest, ninth edition of #DevCollege workshop is approaching! This time we will be talking about creating HTML5 games with Phaser. You can sign up at, but better hurry up:) #workshop #webdev #webdeveloper #frontend #html5 #phaser #learning #eventspoznan #softwarehouse #poznan #Merixstudio

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I sadly have to admit that we are a bit too old to go to school, but luckily this never stopped us from learning. Apart from gaining wisdom, we are also very keen when it comes to sharing it, so since May 2015 we are organising Dev College, where we teach students the ins and outs of web development. Right now we are gathering applications for the workshop in May, during which we will be talking about creating HTML5 games with Phaser. Check out Meetup and Facebook to learn more and see you on May 13th!

#5 Written word never lies

The third edition of our internal newspaper is on the market! Or rather displayed in our kitchen for everyone to read;) #newspaper #internalnewspapper #merixstudio #funny #office #officelife #lovemyjob #worklive #friday #fridayfunday #webdev #webdevelopment #softwarehouse #poznan

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As we are getting bigger and bigger, the gossip is starting to get harder to spread around the whole office. To make it easier for our coworkers to know every embarrassing thing their peers did during the month Anita and I distribute a newspaper. Since it’s modelled by Polish Fakt and British The Sun, it obviously is filled with great content that is the truest example of truth in journalism. This edition was rather special since it was focused on the moving party. We spilt some tea, that’s for sure! ;)

#6 Channelling Eminem on HR Factor conference

Our HR Manager slammed during the Slam Battle, talked about talent management in the IT industry during his presentation, and probably made a lot of HR friends while attending HR Factor conference;) But enough is enough - now it's time to go back to Poznań! #hr #conference #business #lovemyjob #HRFactor #warsaw #presentation #networking #softwarehouse #webdev #webdevelopment #Merixstudio

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Our HR Manager Maciek is one of those people in the office that are usually never near their desks.This month, however, Maciek was not “hiding” in other parts of the office, but flew to Warsaw to talk about talent management in the IT industry during the HR Factor conference. Apart from giving a talk, he also attended talks of other specialists and… took part in the slam battle. But he was not channelling his inner Eminem but talked about the most important issues in the HR industry (which is interesting for us, but not so much for a rapper;))

#7 Mo money, mo problems, less geekiness

Well, new office indicates that we are not bankrupted, but maybe Pablo knows something we don't... Regardless, this #GeekShirtFriday reminded us how lucky we are that there are no Dwights and Michaels among us;) #theoffice #MichaelScott #ideclarebankruptcy #office #officelife #scranton #geek #tv #office #funny #webdev #webdeveloper #softwarehouse #poznan #Merixstudio

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After all those novelties, now it’s the moment to share the usual stuff and reveal who is the King or Queen of #GeekShirtFriday. This time it includes not only the new kitchen but also the new person! Pablo is one of many people in the office that watch a lot of good tv-shows. And since he is a fan of American The Office, it's only fitting to include it as the first geeky shirt after our move. This shirt not only makes us laugh when we think about the scene it's from, but also makes our life even more enjoyable when we are reminded that there are no Dwights, Creeds, and Michales in our software house. Thank God! ;)

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