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Dec. 4, 2018

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Our view on NG Poland and JS Poland conferences

Maciej Szubiczuk

In the middle of November, long-awaited conferences focused on front-end development and Javascript took place in Warsaw. We couldn’t miss it! Here you have my impression of NG Poland and JS Poland conferences.

Together with a group of frontend Merix folks, I got to the meeting location just before the first talk and slip smoothly through the registration point. Every participant could count on not only an endless supply of tea, coffee and other soft drinks but also a scrumptious breakfast what was a nice touch, especially for people who just arrived. Speaking about the location, this year both events - NG Poland and JS Poland - took place in the heart of Warsaw, that is, in the biggest screening room in Multikino in Złote Tarasy.


It all started with NG Poland conference - the biggest Angular conference in Central and Eastern Europe. It was the third edition of the event, and once again it turned out to be a great success. Invited speakers were the best part of the conference. Well-known in the Angular community names landed on the agenda, also including the creators of Angular solutions. During the meeting you could listen to for example:

  • Matias Niemelä and Radoslav Kirov - members of the Angular core team in Google that is responsible for the main features of the framework.
  • Todd Motto - probably the most recognizable person among the speakers. The founder and owner of UltimateCourses (UltimateAngular before) and Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web.

Authorities mentioned above started 20-minute talks sequence. In the beginning, we had a chance to get to know what the future might bring in the field of innovations in the new version of Angular (Angular 7) - The Angular Journey - today and tomorrow

Then Todd Motto took over the scene and gave the presentation called Advanced TypeScript. He was talking about a few little-known but very useful functionalities. However, the talk we enjoyed the most was the one by Sebastian Witalec who showed us how to combine creating an Angular web application and NativeScript mobile application in a simple (at the first glance) way. 

The first day, composed of almost an eight-hour cycle of talks, gave us a lot of satisfaction. Because of its international nature, we could talk and exchange experiences with passionate and developers from all over Europe. Both organisers and sponsors gave us a lot of fun and prizes. Any luck, and you could get to own PlayStation4 or electric guitar sponsored by Fendor.

The second day of the conference was the day of JS Poland conf and was crucial for our group because Merixstudio also appeared at the event as a Silver Sponsor. Attendees had a chance to meet Merix people by finding our stand in the sponsors' area. It was a great opportunity to talk, get some information about the recruitment process and open job offers and just learn who we are and why we’re so cool ;) In addition, we prepared a contest for the conference participants - the Snake game. The best player won JBL wireless headphones.


JS Poland is one of the biggest JavaScript conferences and focuses on wider issues than NG Poland - it’s about everything related to JavaScript language.

It had talks about more and more popular Machine Learning that was presented by Simon Cotin during his lecture called The future of machine learning & JS. The longest, 30-minutes, presentation by Kamil Myśliwiec about Nestjs framework created by him was what we found the most interesting. We had already used Nestjs framework working on one of our latest digital projects. 

Dominik Kundel gave a talk called 2018 - The Year of Web Components. I’m sure, his presentation is something that we will not forget not only because of the interesting topic but also because of a big dose of humour which worked even on the most bored participants :)

In total there were over 20 talks, and about each of them, I could write a lot. Organizers had something for everybody, not only for Frontend Developers. Zbyszek Tenerowicz was talking about security what I found very interesting.

Those two days were both exhaustive and extremely interesting. One thing’s for sure, we came to Poznań with knowledge about technologies we hadn’t use before, but we want to learn. Also, we found out a few new things about technologies we work with on a daily basis.

I’m sure it wasn’t our last time at NG Poland and JS Poland. 


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