Proudly announcing: Merixstudio belongs to the top 7% at Pangea

The path to join an elite vendor community


During the last months, we went through a long and challenging in-depth verification to provide that this is designed to ensure members are only global, elite-level developers and showcase those committed to excellence.

We live in an era of fake news and a lack of transparency. As a company that values clarity and honesty, the Merixstudio team has considered joining Pangea for a long time. As a company, we're always striving to build trust as much as excellent software products. Pangea gives the clients only authentic and verified information about every vendor presented on the portal. That builds additional trust and helps vendors get a better reputation, supported and proved by Pangea's demanding verification process. 


What did we achieve?

The process was an invaluable opportunity for us to slow down and examine the way Merixstudio has developed over the years. It was also an excellent occasion to reorganize some in-house documentation that we had to share with Pangea and confirm the validity of our internal procedures. 

Throughout the verification process, we overviewed everything we achieved and got helpful insights into what we can improve and work on in the future. Sometimes, it is good to take a step back and look at the broader picture. That's what made this journey valuable to us. It was also a good occasion to reorganize some in-house documentation that we had to share with Pangea and confirm the validity of our internal procedures. 

Our learnings

We found the team health metrics most interesting, as it was the sentiment shared by our team members. The total score was 8.5/10.0, where our highest scores were 8.7/10.0 for personal growth and feedback & recognition.

That confirms our belief that people and their willingness and appetite to develop is very important and plays a tremendous role in how we conduct our business and grow as a company 

said Adam Śledzikowski, CEO of Merixstudio.

However, we also noticed that there is room for improvement in terms of satisfaction and management rapport.


New Chapter

As proud Pangea members, we will now devote ourselves with renewed enthusiasm to developing Merixstudio as one of the best software houses in the world. Having proven that we are a top 7% software company, we are now excited to keep working on innovative projects and supporting our clients in their technological transformation efforts.

Being on Pangea’s vendor list acknowledges our team who worked hard to bring Merixstudio where it is today. 

Due to our solid ambitions and willingness to act, Merixstudio is undergoing rapid growth. More experts in their respective fields join us every month,  and we hope that in 2022 our company will exceed the sample of 300 employees.

We will do everything to meet future challenges and standards and get the best results for every project we get involved in! We are thrilled that you will see us among the best software development vendors!

Navigate the changing IT landscape

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