Marcin Staszak announced as the new CEO of Merixstudio

As a renowned and established software development company since 1999, Merixstudio has consistently strived to anticipate and proactively respond to emerging trends. As the initial development strategy has been successfully executed, a time has come for a leadership change and embarking on the next phase of growth.

"The timing of this leadership change is not accidental. The ever-evolving market and shifting rules of the game aren't just challenges; they offer a chance to change how organizations operate. We'll seize this opportunity to enhance process efficiency, supercharge productivity, and successfully implement innovations by harnessing the potential of the latest technology, enabling our partners and clients to thrive in the market," Marcin claims.

This handover represents a significant opportunity for growth and a profound responsibility toward our employees, clients, and long-term partners.

"I am confident Marcin is the right person to take the helm. With over 20 years of our collaborative work and his unwavering dedication, Merixstudio is poised to soar to new heights," says Adam.

Adam Śledzikowski, the former CEO of Merixstudio, will hold the Executive Chairman role, overseeing the growth and development of the company. He will support Marcin in achieving the company's future objectives. The focus will remain on agility, improving processes, embracing new technologies, and delivering high-quality services.

"Building such an exceptional team has been my proudest professional accomplishment. [...] A special acknowledgment goes to our current Merixstudio team - your competence, maturity, and dedication have been instrumental, and without you, I would not have achieved as much. Thank you all," adds Adam Śledzikowski.

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