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Aug. 9, 2017

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Karlik - web development of the corporate website

Radosław Kobierecki

Karlik, a Polish manufacturer of electrical installation equipment, came to us with the need to reach new markets and broaden their audience. To do so, they needed to have a modern corporate website that will properly display their offer. Here's how we came from discussing the project to giving Karlik the finished product.

Reasons behind the development of new website

Karlik is a company that we have the pleasure of working with since 2016 - they entrusted us with the task of development of their corporate website. They are the nationwide manufacturer of electrical installation equipment that's on the market since 1978. As an independent company, they've acted solely on their own account from the very beginning, with the initial modesty of employed only a few employees. Nowadays, however, they expanded their product range and production and have been very active on the Polish market with the offer aimed at the wholesale market.

Karlik's products are designed and manufactured to match the diverse needs and styles of their customers. As our client, they wanted to put an emphasis on this diversity and show how detailed and unique their offer is. The goal was to present the products in a new light, what would allow the company to reach new audiences, especially designers and individual consumers that look for their "perfect set". Karlik also planned an expansion beyond the Polish border, what also influenced their decision of creating a website that allows clients to familiarize themselves with the brand and their offer.

Web development in details

To work with such a purposeful client that knows exactly what he wants to achieve, we've decided to combine a traditional waterfall method that's based on the cascading workflows with the iteration added during the development phase. Thanks to that, we were able to benefit from both approaches and make a fool-proof plan of cooperation stages, starting with the web design, through development, testing, and ending with the delivery of the final product. With this approach, we were also given more space for interactivity during the software development phase.

We've worked on each element of the website one by one until it was ready to review and then sent to the client to be verified. This allowed us to get a quick feedback and make possible corrections in the next interaction, which started immediately after the previous completion. The advantage of this approach is the rapid and gradual build-up of the product. Even more important, however, is the close co-operation with the client, which in our opinion is the key to creating a successful product. Jira as a tool for managing tasks proved to be irreplaceable since it not only helped us to clearly divide tasks among people but also allowed to be transparent when it comes to sharing information about the progress.

Web development for Karlik - case study

Creative process of creating a website

Our cooperation started with acquainting ourselves with clients' expectations, as well as finding out what are their goals and who they want to reach with their message. This allowed us to create the full scope of the project. In line with the good practices of working on corporate websites, the first thing we've done was tried to designate user flows on the site and accordingly create the mockups.

This laid the groundwork for further discussion between the team and the client. One of the queries that needed to be resolved was what are the best solutions for users to meet their goals on the site. Indispensable tools were both Axure and a plain piece of paper since sketching with both of them allows for quick exchange of thoughts and long discussions regarding the project.

This led us to move on to the next stage of graphic design, which was rather easy - Karlik's employees were very dedicated to the cooperation and gave our graphic designer a solid base to work on while creating a layout. Each new subpage was discussed with utmost care, and, with Invision facilitating the work, we were able to easily achieve the goal of showing how Karlik works and what quality of products they offer.

The team's work on the selected elements of the site was based on two-week interactions, then the finished item was tested by our Quality Assurance specialist. The effects were checked on many devices and browsers, so it was possible to find errors at an early stage. Thanks to that our customer received the finished selected section of the page and thus was able to make any changes and corrections that our team could quickly implement in the following interactions. This process allowed us to efficiently interact with even the most demanding clients in a variety of projects.

Website characteristics

Developed website allows achieving both the goals of Karlik and their customers. Here are some of the key elements that support that:

  • browsing the offer,
  • getting familiar with the brand,
    • choosing the right product for customers’ individual needs,
  • researching outlets,
  • functional and easy-to-use administration panel.

Dev stack of the project

To develop a website that's supposed to conquer the European market, we've decided to use classic, trusted solutions:

          ES6 Javascript - technologies used in the project          Django 1.9.13 - technologies used in the project

The final effect of using those technologies was a beautiful and refined website that we hope will conquer many markets throughout Europe and beyond! Thank you, Karlik, for such a successful cooperation! 

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