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What are the informal meetings at Merixstudio?

Our inspiration for creating them were informational interviews established by Richard Nelson Bolles, author of one of the most best-selling career handbooks of the XX century: What Color Is Your Parachute. They differ from regular job interviews because they are not about hiring. Even though informal meetings have a long history and in most cases are beneficial for both - candidates and employers, conducting them is not a common practice. And that is something that makes Merixstudio stand out from other software houses in Poland. We decided to implement them, and now these meetings are an important step before starting the whole recruitment process at Merixstudio. Informal meetings allow you to get a better understanding of how we work and are an excellent way to meet people you may be working with. 

How do the informal meetings look like? 

We arrange a conversation with a representant of our HR team, the Head of a department which you would like to join and sometimes a Team Leader. At first, we will invite you for a short tour of de Marixstudio. This part will soon take more time as in the coming months we will gain additional huge space one floor below our office. During the tour, we will show you how we work and how our open space looks like. We won’t skip the chillout space where we spend time together, play video games, eat lunch, read books, shortly speaking - where we relax. You’ll also see our conference rooms named after popular spots in Poznan, like the Old Market, the cathedral, the Poznan International Fair, or the football stadium. Yes, it’s true - #MerixLovesPoznań. :) What’s even more interesting about these rooms is the fact that the system for managing them - Chamberlain, has been created and developed by our employees within internal hackathons. Coming to Merixstudio is also a good way to see for yourself that our office is pretty well-communicated with the city center!

Why is it worth to participate in our informal meetings?  

We won’t spill the beans if we say that IT and software development are one of the most prospective industries for job seekers. As a result, the market becomes more and more competitive, and in many cases, the way you present yourself during a job interview may be crucial so also nerve-racking. Our informal meetings will get rid of that unnecessary stress. We won’t asses your skills and ask about your job qualifications. Quite the opposite! It’s a perfect time for you to ask us questions. We will be delighted to dispell all your doubts about our workflow, office, the technologies we use, whatever you want to know! Seriously - you can ask any question, even if we have the latest FIFA edition :) 

And how does this informal meeting transform into a recruitment process? Well, if you find Merixstudio a dream place to work you need to apply to the job offer you are interested in. Then we will together schedule an interview within which we will talk about your technical skills, verify your knowledge and we will also present the detailed conditions of employment and ask about your financial expectations. 

They took part in informal meetings and now work with us

As you can imagine, a job interview is much more pleasant than it could have been without an informal meeting before. That’s because we have already had an opportunity to get to know each other and build a relationship. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 95% of candidates, who took part in them, decide to apply for a job and most of them are working with us right now! Meet some of them and read their stories: 

A recruitment process was preceded by an informal meeting with Kasia from HR team and Piotr, Head of Delivery. It was an opportunity to talk about Merixstudio, my experience, and our common expectations. Such a meeting is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other tentatively and without stress related to the interview and tasks. It convinced me to apply for a job at Merixstudio. 

Kuba - UI Designer

In my opinion, an informal meeting before the start of the recruitment process is an excellent initiative. I found out about this possibility from LinkedIn as Mateusz, Head of Frontend Development sent me a proposal for casual conversation in the office at Małachowskiego street. When I decided to come, Natalia from HR team contacted me, and we arranged the details quickly. The conversation concerned the technologies used, projects, development opportunities, business philosophy, and company policy as well as the terms of cooperation. I also had a chance to see how the job at Merixstudio looks like. The visit proved to be very helpful in making a decision, and I learned a lot about the company and my potential role, which is why I chose to apply.

Michał - Frontend Developer

I remember the informal meeting with Natalia and Miłosz (Head of Backend Development) very well. From the very beginning, I felt like home thanks to the casual atmosphere. Natalia and Miłosz showed me around the office and gave me a lot of interesting information about working at Merixstudio. They were very open to any questions on my part and gave each of them a comprehensive answer. I left the office very contented and knew that I would like to tie my future with Merixstudio.

Mateusz - Backend Developer

Where else can you meet Merixstudio?

Besides joining our informal meetings, you can also meet us during one of the events we organize. Dev College Combo consists of programming workshops and lectures of representatives of various teams and takes place in our office. It is not only an opportunity to gain knowledge but also to meet employees, talk with them and see the spaces in which we work every day. This year we have started with new workshops about frontend and backend development, QA, product design and UI. We noticed a great need to acquire knowledge and self-development among many technology enthusiasts, and we are proud to share our experience. You can also meet us during our other events like Front.radar and Py_Tej (former Django HotSpot). They don’t take place at our office, but unquestionably, reflect the spirit of Merixstudio. 

How to arrange an informal meeting?

Like the idea of informal meetings? Recruit us! If you would like to make an appointment in our office, write to us or directly to Natalia ( or to Kasia ( from the HR department. Together we will set a date that suits you and then meet in one of our Poznan-related rooms. Do you prefer Bulgarska stadium or Old Market?

And by the way - don’t forget to take a look at who we're currently looking for!

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