Oct. 8, 2015

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How we do it: modern corporate website for Pro Ressource, financial services company

Marta Schmidt

Pro Ressource is a Swiss independent company working in the field of financing. They are one of the leading providers offering financial services in Switzerland. What makes them notable compared to the others is the process of implementing revolutionary solutions in the field of financing and interest rates. Due to these solutions their clients are able to optimize costs and obtain large subsides.

What did client expect?

Seen as trends change and the potential of websites as business tools keeps growing, Pro Ressource decided to rebuild their current website and get clients-to-be interested in their services. Remake of the site was planned to cover both general design and content’s presentation. Regarding visual aspects, the customer expected from the website to have modern graphic design, but the most important aspect was to reach as wide range of clients as possible. Pro Ressource’s services are offered to specialists of financial market (such as representatives of foundations, hospitals or companies), families or households.

We started our work with Pro resource after the wireframes' phase. Our client could count on our analysis, consultations and some suggestions regarding amendments to mock-ups.

Gaining client’s attention

We prepared 2 proposals for graphic design of a home page and a few subpages for the call for bids launched by Pro Ressource. Keeping in mind that our client expected the website to be modern, fully responsive and have that “Wow!” effect, our projects presented two different aesthetics which convinced the company to choose our service. Eventually Pro Ressource chose hero-image graphic project which enabled presenting large photos of their experts as the background, all that with perfectly customized corporate colors. We used a large image and a strong typography to introduce the company, their most important achievements, expertise and advice. Usage of real employees’ photos allows Pro Ressource to gain credibility and to build ties with their customers.

Pro Ressource website - example of hero image

We created many small components (animations) to liven up the website. For instance, sliders select different expert’s photo every time a user reloads the page. Most boxes on the page contain only the titles, but the articles’ leads appear when the user hovers over said boxes. Website’s liveliness is also modified by recoloring on certain actions.

To keep users on the website

Although the design of the site was of excellent quality, it was the content that was the most important and was meant to attract customers to Pro Ressource. Its aim was to present employees of Pro Ressource as specialists in financial consulting.

Pro Ressource website - the Glossary of Financial Terms

Uniquely designed architecture of information allows to exhibit the content, connect the articles to each other and to encourage users to contact pro ressource’s experts.

  • First of all, the website presents characteristics of the company and its representatives,
  • Secondly, Pro Ressource publishes success stories – descriptions of the most interesting cases,
  • Thirdly, we created the blog section – it includes representatives’ articles,  reprints from newspapers, important informations and a newsletter
  • Fourthly, the company decided to introduce the Glossary of Financial Terms - encyclopedia related to financing.

This kind of content is created to portray Pro Ressource as experts in their own field. On the other hand it helps in drawing attention of people who are searching for information regarding financing field and through that kind of education in expanding the customer base.

Convenient and proven content management system (CMS)

To accomplish such a multi-level project we suggested implementing Drupal CMS, which is well-suited even for very complex corporate websites. On top of that, it has a number of predefined functionalities, including the newsletter system.

A fully responsive website

One of the main requirements of Pro Ressource was to ensure the availability of the site on different devices – on PC browsers, mobile cells or tablets. Checking the newest content on the blog or finding the contact informations of the experts should be equally easy on every device. We fulfilled this requirement thoroughly.

Pro Ressource website - mobile version


Unusual corporate website

The result of our work is a unique, modern and interactive corporate site. Finding out what our client needed and creating the website by meeting their expectations was crucial for us. Not only does the site have an outstanding design, but also shows the modern approach of presenting the content. The system enables creating Pro Ressource’s brand in the best possible way – by building up their expert’s image. The client’s objectives have been achieved. Once again, we proved that corporately does not have to mean boring.

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