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How to improve user experience through software modernization

Your organization seems digitally aware. You strive to stay up-to-date with your business-related priorities. Yet KPIs indicate that your apps or websites generate fewer conversions. Sales digits are dropping, and users choose the competition’s solutions. On top of that, your tech teams are becoming inefficient due to faulty software. Does your story sound similar to this one? Companies often invest in UX design but fail to get to the core symptoms causing their business to suffer and users to go away. When you transform enterprise digital products, you’d better know when and how to improve user experience the right way not to get stuck with short-term outcomes.

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Users leave because your design is no longer aesthetic and functional? Learn how to deal with UX debt!
Outdated design makes user leave?
We asked our experts, Jagoda Tylkowska (Senior UX Designer & Team Leader) and Michał Bień (Senior Business Analyst & Sales Representative), how to prevent legacy design from harming your business growth. WATCH EXPERT DISCUSSION

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