How to pick the right remote team for your startup

To be succeeding and make use of the opportunities offered by hiring a digital team, startup founder has to pick the right team. How to do it? The answer is as easy as pie - you need to carry out an extensive market research. Before you do it and pick the right remote development service provider, there will be a stack of important questions that help you decide if your startup needs a digital team.

Choose the right digital team for your tech startup

There is a vast number of software houses work remotely. If you have already known what you need and what are you looking for, focus on verification of software development vendor. Check out reviews, testimonials and try to analyze if it is any additional value that a remote team can provide for your startup.

What is worth to consider:

  • Does the software house has verified reviews of its services? These can be in a form of testimonials from previous clients, case studies, comments or ranks.
  • Does the remote team provide some value-added and what kind of it?
  • Check out if you can communicate directly with devs working on your project.

Countercheck devs

The next step in finding the right software house for your startup is to check out developers that will probably work on your project. Try to look into their profiles and work history. Don't hesitate to ask the chosen software provider about that. Look at devs tech skills, their knowledge, and experience, and also their communication skills.


For the purpose of smoothing out the initial steps in a development project, estimate together with the project and its sprints accurately. Don't forget about the schedule, timelines, deadlines, and also about expected results. This is time for role assignment for remote team members. Make sure that the number of devs is appropriate and meets your requirements.


It is a hard job to find the right remote team for your startup. But more often than not, hiring a software house can be an effective alternative to the costly option of building an in-house team. Of course, many IT outsourcing companies fail in service delivery and software development due to a lack of standards. But still, you can find a lot of software houses that deliver high-quality digital products and will fuel your startup growth.

Navigate the changing IT landscape

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