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May 2, 2019

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How to Be a Top Software Development House?

Emily Clark

According to B2B Content Marketing report published by Ironpaper, 85% of consumers need to acquaint themselves with up to 10 reviews before they can trust the company. What is more, TechTarget study says that 65% of IT buyers search for at least four different types of content when doing their research. Statistics are clear, code quality still distinguishes the best software houses, but the other thing that matter are customers reviews.

The software house industry is incredibly demanding. Clients have very specific and often difficult requirements and, just like every other IT field, the environment is constantly changing. It requires a lot of work for software houses to stay ahead of the curve and stand out amongst their peers. One way that software houses can prove their worth is by scoring well on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

Clutch gathers reviews and information on thousands of companies in every industry across the globe. Analysts then segment and rank the companies by location and industry, letting clients find the vendor that will best suit their project needs. Client reviews are heavily weighted in the company rankings and are gathered during interviews over the phone or with in-depth online questionnaires. The reviews cover the project’s cost, management style, the impact of the engagement, and areas for improvement. Potential clients will refer to Clutch when looking to hire for a project. What really matters to software development company clients?

Full-Stack Development

Clients want to be able to get everything in one place so a full-stack provider has the expertise for each step of the software development process. The full-stack refers to all of the different technologies needed to finish a project. While it may start at product design, developers can take it through the coding phase all the way to testing. A software house that offers full-stack development can switch between front and back end development depending on client requirements.

Agile Implementation

Client requirements mentioned above may change during the process. A team has to remain prepared for some remarks on the project, that’s why it’s essential to develop an appropriate approach to the development process. The majority of IT companies and IT departments in startups and enterprises alike are using the Agile approach to ensure the right workflow. As software projects have become increasingly complex, it allows clients to make changes and requests after the project is underway. The developers work on the requests in incremental, interactive cycles. It helps make the project management more flexible for both parties and improves another great aspect of outsourced IT projects - communication.


It is crucial that everyone involved in any project knows what their job is and what to expects. Obviously, project managers need to have great contact with the software house’s team and the client. It is a necessary skill for developers too, as they have to explain technical topics to people who may not have the background to understand them. Just as with any relationship, a constant line of communication also works best for Agile implementation. It is also important to define proper communication tools at the beginning of the collaboration. Whether it would be a chat program, phone or video call, finding the way to contact that suits both parties will speed up the whole development process.

Quality Code

Every client wants a product that works as planned upon delivery and expects it to be delivered on schedule. Thankfully, experienced developers can be trusted to check both of those boxes. Their quality code will develop stable apps that have the fewest bugs possible. What is more, to avoid or reduce the number of escaped bugs, having the QA testers on board will be another plus factor for the software house. For a client, it’s a sign that the product development process will be delivered with care to details. 


With the constantly changing nature of technology, software houses have to be flexible and up to date. This will allow them to provide tailor-made tech stacks and other solutions based on the project’s needs. Keeping up to date with current trends may even give some insight towards a new solution that could help their projects. As a client demands change, software development companies will need to adapt to the updated project requirements.

Low Cost for High Quality

Every client is trying to receive the most value for their money. Whatever the cost of the project, they want the quality of work to match or exceed it. As software development is an expensive service to receive a decent product and not run out of all money, companies outsource their projects to Poland and other east-central Europe countries.   

Make Your Software House Rank High on Clutch

Meeting client needs will help you form a good relationship with them and raise your profile to receive recommendations from other sources which will lead to more clients. If you work on providing these services and characteristics, your software development company will soon be receiving good reviews on Clutch and climbing to the top of its rankings.


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