Dev College Combo - the extra edition of web and game development workshop

Dev College workshops are becoming one of the highest ways for IT world's people to learn new and polish already gained skills.

We've previously hosted nine editions of regular Dev College workshop. All of them were about web and game development to a greater or lesser extent. While organizing them, we focus on IT industry so that workshops about the best web technologies such as Redux, React or Python and Django as well as matters issues related to project management (mock-ups and wireframing) is something you can learn during Dev College.

On the 10th edition of the workshops, we decided to do something special. This is the reason why we organised the combo version of regular Dev College training. The event included four practical workshops and eight theoretical speeches with presentations. All of them were conducted by Merix folks - specialists in the field of software development.

Hands-on learning

While organising Dev College Combo, we couldn't turn down a workshop form of regular meetings. So that we just had to keep the practical training, during which the participants use the computer and create an application. However, we prepared something extra and, as a result, you could take part in one of four workshops. All of them were connected with web/app development. You could choose between front-end and back-end topics.

workshop during Dev College Combo

Current and future front-end developers could learn about programming by using React with Redux or with MobX - the most popular solutions for the library. Because Merixstudio is among the best Python and Django Developers in the world (according to Clutch's ranking), it was a must also to provide Django workshops. So that there was a possibility to find out how to create a REST app as well as a WebSocket-based application using this popular framework.

Merixstudio's speech

Believe me; we wanted to have you all at the workshop. However, because of the quality of working conditions and space constraints training had to be limited. Well, our guest that didn't get to the practical part of the event or just were looking for another form of learning couldn't complain. We prepared eight presentations of web development-related issues. That way, we gave you the chance to learn about such things as pytest, MobX, Phaser framework, how to use Angular with Redux, how to build booking system using Django, JavaScript or Agile estimations.

Speeches during Dev College Combo

The lectures took place in one of our best rooms - the one we called Bułgarska. The room is very comfortable, inspires creativity and does an excellent job of presenting the atmosphere of Merixstudio.

Find something for both the brain and the body

Dev College Combo was not only a great opportunity to refresh and update the knowledge but also to make new connections. At Merixstudio we’re a very friendly bunch of peeps that love both new technologies and other people that love new technologies :) Networking party including beer, pizza as well as the possibility to use any of our office’s facilities such as PlayStation or foosball table was a must have. Hope you enjoyed it.

Networking party after workshop
Networking party after workshop

What next?

For sure, we will organise another edition of Dev College Combo in the future. So, stay tuned! Follow our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Meetup to get fresh news about Merixstudio and our events.

Feel free to tell us what you think about Dev College Combo as well as our works and other events. If you are looking for new opportunities and like Merixstudio’s atmosphere and what we do, check out open job offer and send your resume :) Who knows, maybe it will be you who will be holding a presentation during the next Dev College!

PS For more photos, check out our Facebook profile! :)

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