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May 7, 2019

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The Creative Side of Technology #32 - Design, Development & Startup Digest

Patrycja Matuszak-Jastak

April has come and gone so May the Force of the hottest topics related to design, development and startups be with you! Not only business owners looking for tips on software development will find this edition of our biweekly digest helpful.

What to expect in particular?

  • Symfony and React Native? - how to start a project with it?
  • Software Development Security - how to learn from others' mistakes?
  • UX in Berlin  - how can startups from this city take advantage from user experience?


Software Development Security: Learn From Others’ Mistakes
Once a security incident happens and is analyzed everyone knows what should have been done to prevent it. It’s easy to laugh at silly errors, but we should focus on making crackers’ lives boring, frustrating and poor.

Creative Berlin: User Experience For Founders And Professionals
Ambitious founders and creatives meet on their path many difficulties. Check out how UX helps Berlin-based startups avoid simple mistakes.

Full-stack Development By Using Symfony And React Native
Choosing a proper tech stack for an app is one of the most difficult challenges in the development process. Check out why to choose the set of PHP, Symfony and React Native and how to start a project with it.

Positivity and Negativity Are Both Infectious in Business
Which mindset are you bringing to the table? Check out what attitude Drew Stern, the managing director of Artificial Intelligence company Esquify, recommend to achieve lasting success.

Why People - and Companies - Need Purpose [Podcast]
Nicholas Pearce, clinical associate professor at Kellogg School of Management, says too many companies go about their daily tasks without a strong sense of purpose. Check out why businesses that are not simply profit-driven are more likely to succeed.

E-books & Reports  📝

Machine Learning: The Next Generation of Customer Experience [Briefing Paper]
Machine learning offers huge promise when it comes to improving the customer experience. But due to many factors, that promise is only now starting to be realized. Business leaders agree that delivery of a positive experience for customers is imperative to success, but companies aren’t always enabled with the technology to deliver such experiences consistently. By reorienting business to the customer and implementing machine learning technology in a way that focuses on customer-facing initiatives, companies of all sizes can start to redefine and improve the customer experience. And they can do it relatively inexpensively and even with only small or gradual improvements.

Expert's Point of View 🔎

'There is an easy way to convert common concerns about IT outsourcing into its benefits and, as a result, in a successful (and remote) project delivery. So how to turn its cons into pros in a few simple steps?'

How to turn IT outsourcing cons into pros in a few simple steps? | Piotr Byczko
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